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About Xcaliber International

Xcaliber International is a privately-owned tobacco product manufacturer. Founded in 2001, Xcaliber International manufactures value-priced cigarettes of high quality. They believe in getting the most for your money. This philosophy drives their products, pricing and partnerships. Located in northeastern Oklahoma, their 80,000 square foot facility features some of the most advanced production methods available.

Business Challenges

  • Xcaliber International is growing and the sales team’s territories are expanding
  • The sales team needed a way to quickly map routes in their territories to increase efficiency
  • They were also seeking a tool to help them become familiar with new territories and ensure they regularly meet with customers

Geo-productivity Solution

Salesforce Maps helps Xcaliber International increase meetings with customers and decrease time spent planning routes by enabling them to automatically map routes between all customers in any given territory. Salesforce Maps also allows them to save routes for quick and easy access.

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