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About Young Audiences of Oregon and Southwest Washington

Who doesn’t love art? Whether it’s musically-inclined, performance-based, visual in nature, or literarily expressed, art inspires those who experience it. At Young Audiences of Oregon and Southwest Washington, art education represents so much more than just what they do. The organization strives to be an integral creative force in their community, dedicated to bringing people together.  

Charged with overseeing the art education interests of between 70,000 and 80,000 kids per year, attending about 200 different schools, Young Audiences actively leverages the creative resources in their community to benefit young students. 

“We maintain a wide roster of artists, across almost every artistic discipline you can imagine, with the goal of connecting them with classroom teachers, so that learning opportunities can be scheduled and kids can be exposed to different art forms,” conveyed Cary Clarke, Executive Director at Young Audiences of Oregon & Southwest Washington. “So quite often, our day-to-day consists of finding and matching one of our artists to an inquiring grade-school teacher, who is looking to collaborate on art-related curriculum.” 

Situation Analysis and Challenges 

Since it’s founding in 1958, Young Audiences has had to manage a fairly large database, including but not limited to: donor contributions, contracts, meeting logistics, etc. As a small non-profit organization, resources have always been scarce. So for a while they had to make due with an outdated system, restrained by limited capabilities.  However, as their programs continued to expand over the years, and the overall business grew, a more scalable solution quickly became necessary. After conducting a comprehensive search through the marketplace, Young Audiences decided on Salesforce.  Salesforce helped Young Audiences integrate and combine all their sources of data into one central hub.  It also afforded the company’s team leaders more control over their own areas of data maintenance, which lent to an increase in overall management efficiency.

“My job is so much easier now that we're in Salesforce,” explained Josephine Kuever, Program Operations Manager at Young Audiences of Oregon and Southwest Washington. “I love being able to update and change the data I manage, myself. That was always a major roadblock that I experienced with our prior system. If I needed to track something new, I couldn't add the field myself. I had to ask our IT team to add it and then wait until they did.”  

After implementing Salesforce, Young Audiences had a well-organized and effectively managed database. Unfortunately, that wasn’t their only challenge. 

Operating under the motto, “always try to do more with less,” Young Audiences often employs the help of their entire team to supplement the search for new collaboration opportunities. Tracking each team member’s individual interactions with prospects presented a clear obstacle. Unbeknownst to one another, one team member may have scheduled a visit at a school on Monday, and a different team member may have scheduled a similar meeting, at that same school, on Thursday. As such, the team needed an easy way to coordinate their schedules so they could effectively turn multiple meetings into one, freeing up valuable time to address other important tasks.

That’s where Salesforce Maps came in. 


Today, Young Audiences utilizes Salesforce Maps to visually depict their growing network of partners and collaborators, yielding transformational results. Specifically, their team has been able to achieve: 

Significant time and money savings
Young Audiences has been able to save time and money by moving away from cumbersome tracking models and confusing black box solutions. With Salesforce Maps, no experts are needed. Everyone can access, update, and review the same information through intuitive, self-service portals.

Collaborative internal communication 
All Young Audience employees were able to get on the same page with the help of Salesforce Maps. Not only are team members now able to ensure no overlap of visits occur, but they are also able to optimize the visits they make in a day, constructing their schedule based on prospects that are located close to one another. 


Accelerated fundraising efforts
Young Audiences was able to accelerate fundraising efforts by studying visual representations of interactions. With Salesforce Maps' visual representations, Young Audience managers can instantly uncover epicenters of successful programs, then secure more funding from surrounding businesses and government entities.

Visually communicate success
They were able to communicate success visually for maximum impact. As an arts organization, Young Audiences’ staff and partner network is comprised of many visual thinkers. Rather than rely on tables or lists of words and numbers to communicate a project’s success, they use aesthetically appealing maps and diagrams in presentations to board members and donors.

“Salesforce Maps' visuals tell stories in a way that holds more emotional value. To see information on a map and not in a list or table really helps a message to sink in, in a different way. There’s certainly practical value to that, and there’s also a storytelling and emotional value that I think people really respond to,” Clarke added. 

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