Dreamforce 2018 Was a Huge Success

Thank you for helping us make this year's event our best yet! Catch all of our latest video recaps, event resources and session recordings below.

Dreamforce '18 Recap

From all the engaging conversations we had our booth, to the inner zen we found at our yoga and barre classes throughout the week, to the incredible excitement we felt at our AfterHours Vault54 party on Thursday night, the memories we made were priceless.

After Hours Vault 54 Party

It was the premiere party to attend at Dreamforce this year and we could not be more delighted with the turnout! Attendees enjoyed the thrilling atmosphere of Temple Night Club, amazing music from DJ Malachi, and non-stop entertainment from several surprising acts.

Yoga & Barre at Dreamforce '18

This year's yoga and barre classes at TRIBE and The Dailey Method were a hit! Plus, we're matching the total amount we received throughout the week and donating everything to The Merivis Foundation.

MapAnything Dreamforce 2018 Sessions

Learn How Leading Financial Institutions Optimize Field Sales Efficiency

In this session you will hear from three leading financial services institutions that are improving banker/producer efficiencies to drive revenue and create better customer experiences. By combining the power of Salesforce and MapAnything, these companies are able to effectively manage complex territories and ensure max facetime with clients.

IDC: Top Field Service Dilemma, the Multi-Objective Routing Problem

Join Aly Pinder, Analyst from IDC and MapAnything to discuss challenges facing most Field Service Organizations today. Google Directions and Waze are great for getting from point A to point B, but Field Service Optimization now demands a multi-objective solution that can accommodate a deluge of competing criteria.

Trends in Field Sales: How Location Data is changing Field Sales Management

Join us, and Ventana Research CEO, Mark Smith, for a discussion on how Location of Things (LoT) Technology is changing Field Sales. We'll be covering topics like: future trends in field sales, how LoT technology can increase your teams' efficiency, how to get the most out your Salesforce data, and tips for a smooth implementation.

Dreamforce 2018 Resources

MapAnything for Salesforce

Experience the power of a 5-star rated Location of Things (LoT) solution for Salesforce.

MapAnything Live

Experience the power of vehicle telematics and asset tracking right inside Salesforce.

MapAnything Guide

Experience the power of the multi-day route optimization engine, built for field sales and service teams.

See MapAnything in Action

Our Location of Things (LoT) software is built for one simple task - empowering your enterprise to maximize revenue capture, maximize the number of happy customers you serve, and maximize leads generated to accurately attribute ROI.

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