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Location Intelligence Technology Platform

MapAnything® offers the industry’s leading location-intelligent solutions that leverage mapping and optimization technologies. We enable our customers to maximize the productivity of their sales and service resources.

Map-based Visualization

Make field reps more effective, efficient, and profitable by visualizing Salesforce data on a map to gain actionable intel and make better data-driven decisions.

Live GPS Tracking

Streamline business processes with MapAnything Live® by leveraging geofencing features, live location alerts, and multi-day historic tracking of vehicles, assets, and equipment on a map.

Route & Schedule Optimization

Utilize powerful Schedule and Route Optimization technology in MapAnything Guide® to ensure field teams are operating as efficiently as possible while on the road.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly sync Salesforce directly to MapAnything® to bridge any gap in your data. Utilize the MapAnything APIs to bring our location intelligence technology directly to your app.

Our Flagship App

MapAnything® makes field teams more effective, efficient, and profitable. MapAnything® allows you to perform vital Salesforce® tasks from the map - log calls, update records, create new tasks and events, and add thousands of contacts to a marketing campaign with one click. Schedule and optimize an entire week in MapAnything® to spend less time planning, and more time selling.

We’ve seen a week of sales that was triple what we did before MapAnything®.

John Reid, Regional VP SMB Sales, Axia

MapAnything Territory Planning

Designed to evolve with the rapidly changing deployment needs of today’s field forces, MapAnything Territory Planning is the most advanced sales territory design, visualization, and optimization technology. Quickly and efficiently design, realign, and optimize better territories that maximize your sales resources in a matter of minutes. MapAnything Territory Planning is fast and flexible enough for the largest, most sophisticated field forces - combining enterprise-level power with ease-of-use.

MapAnything Guide®

The only purpose-built Multifactor Schedule and Route Optimization application for field sales teams has arrived. Calculate optimal schedules and routes while taking into consideration all factors that affect revenue and efficiency - like historic traffic delay, weather delays, driving hours, and more. Its powerful route optimization engine adjusts schedules and routes dynamically, or as meetings are cancelled or moved. Ensure field teams are meeting SLA and VFA requirements and operating as efficiently as possible.

MapAnything Live®

Streamline business processes and see exactly where assets and vehicles are located in relation to a point on a map, such as a delivery address. Down to the minute updates and alerts make it easy to reroute a field technician based on urgency, ensuring maximum productivity in less time. MapAnything Live® can track current and historic behavior and diagnostic data, making reporting and future goal setting a breeze.

MapAnything Data®

Field teams need to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time building pipeline. Using MapAnything Data®, businesses are able to unlock location-based prospecting and lead generation with access to nearly 100 fields of data for over 12 million US businesses and over 300 property attributes for over 140 million properties. Fill schedule gaps to create new revenue and close more deals.

Connector for ArcGIS

View and interact with Esri maps and data alongside existing customer and business data in one, unified platform. Expose new opportunities to drive revenue and increase efficiency to improve strategic planning through powerful, visual analyses. Improve decision making by aligning two core systems of record, the GIS system and the CRM. Make it easy for GIS professionals to share insights seamlessly with their counterparts.

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