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Integrate "Where" with The Salesforce Maps Location Intelligence Platform

Our APIs bring Location to life for your apps


Field Service

Use our Matrix Service, Routing & Live Position to revolutionize the customer experience

Asset Tracking

Locate Vehicles and Assets in real time to streamline business efficiency

Last Mile Delivery

With more optimized route schedules, it's easier to meet complex customer demands

Distance Matrix API

Use our Distance Matrix API to compute the shortest distances and fastest travel times between thousands of locations while also accounting for years worth of predicted traffic. Output from this service can be used as input for solving Traveling Salesperson Probems (TSPs), Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPs), Assignment Problems, and Facility Location Problems where speed and accuracy are critical

Our Distance Matrix was developed by leading PhD’s in vehicle routing and it was architected to process at speeds 100x faster than other Matrix APIs.

Ideal Use-cases: You are using an existing distance/travel time matrix service for input into other problems. Our service likely provides a much faster, more accurate, and less expensive alternative to what you are using now.


  • 8 traffic windows based on years of historical traffic data to determine travel costs at different times of day
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous requests
  • Caching is supported up to 24 Hours
  • Multiple vehicle types supported including trucks with height and weight restrictions, bicycle, pedestrian
  • Can process much larger requests than other services (thousands of locations)
  • Results include timezone information
  • API supports additional filtering based on location criteria and nearest neighboring locations

Distance Matrix Performance

Matrix Size (# Locations) Matrix Elements Input Size (KB) Output Size (KB) Compressed Output Size (KB) Matrix Computation Time (Seconds) Download Time (Seconds on a 10MB Connection) Total Time (Seconds)
100 10,000 10 1.2 0.36 0.2 0.12 0.32
1,000 1,000,000 100 120 36 17 12 29
2,500 6,250,000 250 750 225 95 75 170
7,500 56,250,000 750 6800 2040 870 680 1550

Route Optimization API

Be your problems simple to complex, we have what you need. The Route Optimization API will manage multiple constraints to solve the most complex Field Service, last mile delivery and logistics problems.

  • Uses best available commercial or open source road network with predicted traffic
  • Vast library of constraints to express the multi-objective nature of your problems
  • Attribute based customer to vehicle/technician affinity
  • Supports time windows, scheduled appointments, breaks
  • Heterogeneous fleets
  • Single depot, multiple depots, arbitrary start and end locations
  • Multi-dimensional vehicles and demand
  • Supports pickups and/or deliveries
  • Supports multi-day, multi-week, or even multi-month planning horizons/shifts with breaks and soft breaks
  • Supports complex replenishment and unloading scenarios that require multiple trips to depots during a single shift
  • Single-Day Single Vehicle Routing (TSP) that can incorporate time windows, priority, and many other constraints
  • Multi-Day Single Vehicle Routing (m-TSP)  that can incorporate time windows, priority, urgency, visit spacing, and many other constraints. Supports a planning horizon of up to several months
  • Single-Day, Multi-Vehicle Routing (VRP) that can incorporate time windows, skill/attribute matching, prioritization, urgency, multiple visits per order, and many other constraints
  • Multi-Day, Multi-Vehicle Routing (VRP) that can incorporate time windows, skill/attribute matching, prioritization, urgency, multiple visits per order, and many other constraints

Future API Services

We’re excited to launch additional geolocation services in the coming months. In addition to our Routing and Scheduling services, we’ll also release APIs to include:

  • An Enrichment API for gathering historic GPS position, traffic and other elements
  • A Live GPS Position API for developers wanting to track vehicle, asset and smartphone device locations and incorporate the live data into a business workflow apps
  • A Point-in-Polygon and Geofence API for real-time data feeds
  • A Capacity Planning API for accurately sizing your field sales or field service teams