MapAnything Guide

Reduce planning time by up to 10 hours per month. Target and spend more time with high-value customers.

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Increase Selling Time

Spend more time with customers

Add days of productivity to your calendar month through automated routes to get you from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible. View real-time traffic and weather details. Spend less time on administrative tasks. 

Optimize Your Complex Schedules

Manage complex schedules and SLAs. Manage routes based on predetermined department-wide or team member based start and end times. 

Build Your Plan

Define your priorities based on your unique business needs. Combine with standard inputs like location, visit windows, and travel time to create the optimal schedule

Increase Efficiency

Auto-fill Your Calendar

Generate days, weeks, months of schedules and routes. Override plan templates according to changing needs and conditions.

Optimize/Manage Change

Ensure routes are always up to date with minimal planning time. Re-generate plans based on missed appointments and changes to schedule.

Ideal for Field Sales

Great for Retail, CPG, Healthcare, Distribution or any complex sales org where sales reps plan their own visits.

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Guide is available right within Salesforce and requires minimal setup.

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