MapAnything Guide

Combine visualization of customers, prospects, and work orders with unprecedented multiday routing inside Salesforce

Empower Your

Mobile Workforce

Manage Complex


Streamline Centralized

Route Planning

Product Features

Intuitive Schedule and
Map-centric UI

Give your reps the ability to plan and visualize their schedule and routes on a map.

  • Identify nearby leads or neglected accounts
  • Access Live Salesforce Data and insights to plan your day
  • Align Sales Planning efforts with field rep execution
  • Automate mobile data capture with minimal clicks

Continuous Optimization

Fill schedule gaps, source new leads, and ensure your team is seeing the right customers.

  • Empower field teams with large geographic territories that may require overnight trips
  • Reinsert appointments if Sales reps have cancellations or missed windows
  • Recommend a schedule for up to 90 days
  • Configure complex business constraints with ease

Related Objects and Promotional Windows

Align your field teams’ efforts with your marketing and promotional blitzes with MapAnything.

  • Utilize start and end dates on campaign objects to ensure your team is operating at 100%
  • Coincide visits to when a marketing blitz is occuring in a certain territory
  • Ensure your sales team has the positioning needed for alignment for marketing efforts

MapAnything enabled us to track time spent travelling from case to case as our service engineers checked in and out of their respective stores. Using the Routes tool, we maximized our engineers’ time on the road, leading to improvements in fuel consumption and better time management.

Paul Carass, Salesforce Administrator, Essence Coffee


Mobile Innovation for Retail Execution in FMCG

Intuitive mobile experience for field reps with an unprecedented desktop experience for managers.

  • Centralize field operations to increase productivity and revenue
  • Focus your sales prospecting efforts on opportunities with the best chance of closing
  • Automate time-consuming tasks to ensure reps spend their time with customers

Modern Approach to Manufacturing

Now more than ever, your customers are demanding higher levels of service and driving manufacturers toward a service-centric model.

  • Streamline parts distribution to ensure your customers have what they need
  • Deliver friction-free experiences that boost loyalty with optimized scheduling and dispatch

Mobile Productivity for Healthcare and Medical

Healthcare providers need a partner that can give the solutions needed for every part of your business.

  • Give managers easy access to key KPIs on visit frequency and SLAs
  • Dispatch home healthcare workers using the best routes at the highest service & lowest cost


Harness the power of location intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

  • Visualize on a map real-time asset, vehicle, or equipment location against ArcGIS data
  • Develop strategic plans that consider historic performance to drive future efficiency
  • Improve management, safety & security, and regulatory compliance of fleet vehicles

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