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Live Tracking

Track live location to automate business process

Increase efficiency with multi-day performance history

Prevent lost revenue due to misplaced assets

Automate business processes to ensure accurate data capture


Asset, Vehicle, and Equipment Tracking

Accurately track assets, vehicles, and equipment in real-time via mobile or hard devices, or direct integration. View daily summaries with location intel to measure performance, plan for proactive maintenance, ensure reps aren’t crossing territories or routes, and more.

Drive Business Automation

Utilize geo-enabled features, like geofencing, to automatically update work order status or check-in/check-out requirements, calculate accurate time-on-site for invoicing, send follow-up communication, and more, so reps can spend more time selling and less time performing administrative tasks.

Accurate Performance Data

Build performance dashboards and plan for future success with accurate location-enabled performance data, including multi-day tracking history, to monitor unplanned stops, safety infractions or speeding events, and miles driven per day.

Inventory Control and Revenue Capture

Confirm on-rent vs off-rent inventory by visualizing the asset’s exact location. Uncover opportunities to produce revenue, prevent lost revenue due to misplaced or lost assets, and reallocate assets to a more efficient use. Proactively schedule maintenance based on accurate performance data.

Geo-fencing Accountability and Productivity

Set geo-fences utilizing longitude and latitude coordinates, territory boundaries, geographic boundaries like state lines or postal codes, or proximity to customer or prospect location to drive accountability and productivity. Ensure reps aren't traveling outside of their zones, enable alerts or notifications of any unauthorized travel or movement, and automate followup communication or outreach.

Mobile Compatibility

Access Live Tracking data right inside your iOS or Android device via the Live App. Easily toggle on or off live tracking to ensure performance and historic location data is accurate and accessible in Salesforce.

The Live Tracking Mobile App is available on iOS or Android devices. Download below. Salesforce Maps and Live Tracking licenses are required.

This is a game-changer that turns Salesforce® into a business command center. It impacts our bottom line by enabling us to make better decisions. As a result, we get more work done with the same number of trucks, save on labor, fuel and maintenance costs, and our customers are happier.

Joseph Cardella, Senior Vice President, Cardella Waste & Westside Environmental


Supply Chain Distribution & Logistics

View the real-time location of materials to enable faster, quicker, and safer deliveries. Improve capacity, reduce overall cost per case, and stay competitive in a demanding environment.

Equipment & Fleet Leasing

Ensure equipment is on-site, operating efficiently, and isn’t overbooked. Monitor vehicle diagnostics and better manage inventory with accurate location data to capture new revenue. 


Build customer loyalty by launching routes that ensure timely arrival, every time Automate business processes, like check-in and check-out, to generate accurate invoices and more.

Field Sales

Track field rep movement over multiple days and view performance stats to create deeper coaching conversations that lead to higher productivity and more revenue.

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