Salesforce Maps Connector for ArcGIS

View your Esri ArcGIS and Salesforce data together on a map to create actionable insights

Access your Esri ArcGIS Online Data in Salesforce

Dispatch Field Service Technicians Effectively

Utility Management with Accurate GIS Intelligence

Product Features

Bring ArcGIS Data to Life

Visualize existing ArcGIS & Salesforce data on a map-centric interface.

  • Easily extend the value of your ArcGIS data to hundreds of business users
  • Verify existence of the infrastructure in question
  • Dispatch repair teams with ease and according to skill set

Click2Create Automation with One Way Sync

Eliminate time spent performing manual tasks by automating data syncs from ArcGIS to Salesforce.

  • Quickly define an ArcGIS object or field mapping from Salesforce to ArcGIS
  • Utilize custom Apex Batches to push the data directly to ArcGIS

Esri-Authorized & Secured

Empower users with analytics in Salesforce & decrease data requests to boost productivity.

  • Easily access maps from ArcGIS and leverage assets for planning and decision-making
  • Spend less time fielding individual requests for maps and data
  • View all data in the same system, but access data independently

Additional Features

Mass Actions with Polygons

Mobile Compatibility

Legend Display


Marker Layer Aggregation

The Salesforce Maps Connector for ArcGIS is invaluable to municipalities and commercial businesses using Salesforce and ArcGIS, enabling them to maximize return on investment from both technologies.

Chris Cappelli, Director of Global Sales and Business Development, Esri


Electrical & Utility

Combining your customer data & ArcGIS data allows you to identify vulnerabilities before a failure occurs.

  • Utilize real-time ArcGIS data to spot vulnerabilities and effectively route crews for repairs
  • Visualize asset locations and conditions to assess areas and prioritize budget allocation
  • Easily share information with key stakeholders to facilitate location-based planning

Public Safety

Access real-time, reliable information to see where an incident is located and quickly notify field teams.

  • Design and execute smarter, more balanced boundaries across jurisdictions
  • Develop better response and recovery plans using historic location data
  • Empower staff by visualizing mission-critical data to provide awareness to the surrounding area

Delivering Solar Energy One Sale at a Time

By accessing spatial data on a map inside Salesforce, your teams can:

  • Plan, optimize, and dispatch field reps' schedule based on level of needs within each area
  • Simplify the complex process of discovering the ideal location for the next solar farm

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