MapAnything® for Salesforce

Visualize Salesforce data on a map-based interface to uncover valuable insights and make data-driven decisions for future growth

Arm Field Reps
with Information

Bring your CRM
Data to Life

Build Effective
Marketing Plans

Product Features

Map-based Visualization

  • Visualize Salesforce data on a map-centric interface for quicker, more intelligent decision-making
  • Utilize Thematic Mapping to quickly identify themes or trends in data and make large data sets understandable and actionable
  • Import and visualize self-hosted data to the MapAnything® map layers
  • Engage in true large-scale geo-analysis across a virtually unlimited amount of data

Account Prioritization

Ensure field teams see their most valuable customers at the right cadence to meet SLAs, VFAs, and other KPIs.

  • Prioritize accounts & prospects based on ® Score, potential revenue, & more
  • Build robust pipelines using accurate prospect data & territory visualization
  • Plan & optimize sales routes that eliminate wasted windshield time

Schedule & Route Optimization

  • Spend more time selling & less time planning with one-click schedule optimization
  • Optimize based on constraints, like weather patterns, traffic patterns, working hours, & more
  • Update records on the road with a fully integrated mobile experience
  • Easily update & re-optimize routes while on the road to fill schedule gaps or cancellations

Territory Visualization

Easily access and utilize territory data, like boundaries, accounts, sales rep assignment, and more, with Territory Visualization.

  • Surface valuable data to ensure territories are revenue-producing and effective
  • Utilize proximity circles to fill schedule gaps or cancellations and uncover new opportunities
  • Give field reps quick access to accurate data to ensure territories are managed efficiently

MapAnything Data®

Field teams need to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time building pipeline. Using MapAnything Data®, businesses are able to unlock location-based prospecting and lead generation with access to nearly 100 fields of data for over 12 million US businesses and over 300 property attributes for over 140 million properties. Fill schedule gaps to create new revenue and close more deals.

Connector for ArcGIS

View and interact with Esri maps and data alongside existing customer and business data in one, unified platform. Expose new opportunities to drive revenue and increase efficiency to improve strategic planning through powerful, visual analyses. Improve decision making by aligning two core systems of record, the GIS system and the CRM. Make it easy for GIS professionals to share insights seamlessly with their counterparts.

Additional Features

Click2Create® Functionality

Nearby Lightning Component

Native Mobile App and SF1 Compatibility

Points of
Interest Search


MapAnything® gives you the ability to see your data - live on a map, based on the corresponding address related to any record in Salesforce. In addition, seeing these items color coded or represented as different icons based on your own criteria makes these maps even more informative allowing your team to visually focus on the zone that is most important to you.

David Giller, CEO, Brainiate



Data in the context of Location helps your sales teams to:

  • Launch new services or products & maintain a 360 degree view of your entire supply chain
  • Predict customers’ needs, determine proactive solutions, & create personalized experiences
  • View revenue & sales data for the defined account & manage your entire opportunity pipeline

Door-to-Door Selling

Harness the power of Location Data in Salesforce to enable your team to meet their goals.

  • Make data-driven decisions about product offerings based on demographics & need
  • Utilize historic insights & live data to ensure your teams are operating at max capacity
  • Maintain a 360 degree view of your field operations

Financial Services

With MapAnything®, your field reps & asset managers can meet the customer where they are.

  • Visualize Salesforce data to continue learning and modernizing
  • Create actionable insights for higher levels of service to build a runway of long-term customers
  • Effectively and efficiently manage territories with hard-to-use data

Energy Services

By combining Salesforce visualization and spatial analytics on a map-centric UI, businesses can:

  • Gain deeper insight into trends and gain new business insight to improve spatial analysis
  • Enable data drive decision-making with location-based information
  • Visualize surrounding areas prior to drilling to distribute appropriate communication

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