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Resolve more incidents faster, prevent service outages, and improve asset management & CMDB with MapAnything for ServiceNow.

IT Services

Incident Management
Minimize the impact of disruptions and resolve more incidents faster. Map and prioritize incidents & disruptions alongside assignment groups; identify causes & trends, and quickly assign from the map.

Change Management
Enable map-based change and release management. Streamline CAB approval processes by visualizing change risks & approvals. Plan meetings & schedules by facility or area of business.

Asset Management
Locate and manage hardware, software, and infrastructure from an interactive map. View asset operational status and open from the map to view or update details.

Reporting & Analysis
View and analyze data from multiple tables on a single interactive map. Run quick, visual reports and make better decisions faster. Detect trends for potential automation or training to improve business services.

IT Operations & Security

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
Get a real-time map view of all IT assets. View assets by status to know how they are functioning at all times and quickly prioritize by business impact.

Event Management
Monitor business services and infrastructure health on an interactive, real-time map. Quickly assign from the map to speed up response time and minimize or preempt the impact of service outages.

Security Operations
Analyze, prioritize, & resolve threats faster with a real time map of threats. Quickly prioritize by potential impact and assign or reassign incidents. Streamline security response with map-based workflows

Governance, Risk, & Compliance
Quickly detect and address failing critical controls from an interactive map. Leverage real-time visibility to boost productivity, minimize risks, and ensure compliance.

Customer & Field Service

Customer Service
Reduce costs & case volumes and resolve more cases faster. Proactively reduce case volumes & costs by leveraging powerful, visual reporting to detect trends.

Field Service
Map issues by location alongside field service team and quickly assign or reassign work from the map. Leverage route planning & optimization to streamline service operations.

MapAnything Indoor

Get interactive, indoor maps of your facilities in ServiceNow to locate assets, cases, and work orders down to the desk level. Quickly assign and take action directly from the map. Easily navigate complex facilities with indoor routes.

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