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Vehicle telematics, sales and fleet tracking, route optimization, and business process automation. All inside Salesforce.

GM OnStar

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CRM-driven Telematics

  • Deploy service resources based on proximity
  • Automate critical tasks using vehicle or device GPS location
  • View daily summaries to see accurate performance of resources
  • Measure in real-time based on vehicle or asset location
  • Accurately define territories to impact the bottom line
  • Correlate stops to Salesforce records to report accurate time on-site

“On average, in the past, reps would see about 12 customers a day. With MapAnything, they can increase that to about 15 a day. In over a year, that can equate to 900 customers, 900 more touches per rep and you multiply that across the company.” - Meradith Stretts - BlueLine Rental

Maintain a 360 Degree View of your Fleet

  • Integrated asset/fleet tracking and sales management systems
  • Rapid customization and deployment with pre-build reporting
  • Telematics device options (GM/OnStar Integration, mobile app, or OBDii device)
  • Automated tracking for ELD Compliance
  • IFTA compliant mileage tracking
  • Transmit availability based on location and job-status

“Everyday, we went through this information explosion. We were taking all the information that was already captured in Salesforce® and getting a better user interface and a better visual with MapAnything.” - Joseph Cardella, Cardella Waste

Mobile GPS Tracking - No devices required!

  • View real-time fleet data and historical locations to drive accountability
  • IFTA compliant mileage tracking
  • Transmit availability based on location and job-status
  • Quickly log data, create tasks/ opportunities, or generate invoices in your Salesforce system
  • Leverages smartphone data plan

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“It’s amazing when you start visualizing data because you can show things and help your reps become more profitable by seeing more accounts. That’s what set MapAnything different from the other tools that might be out there.” - Mike Murphy, Valvoline

Ensure Safety and Compliance

No more paper logs! All driver activity must be logged electronically. MapAnything can help you understand the regulations, provide the right solutions to stay compliant, and get new benefits from Salesforce through MapAnything Live telematics tools. MapAnything

  • ELD Compliant with new regulation launched December 2017.
  • All the reporting you need to successfully pass IFTA and DOT audits.
  • Robust eDVIR functionality.
mapanything eld lite telematics solution

View real-time location on an interactive map. Automate Salesforce workflows. Get alerts and reports.




Distance Traveled

Ignition On/Off

Hard Braking

Rapid Acceleration

Seatbelt Clicks

Fuel Consumption

Tire Pressure

Engine Diagnostics

Oil Life

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