MapAnything Live

Vehicle, Equipment, and Asset tracking, route optimization, and business process automation. All inside Salesforce.

Turn Service Cost
Centers into Profit Centers

Prevent Lost Revenue
Due to Misplaced Assets

Automate Processes with Geo-enabled Tracking

Product Features

CRM-Driven Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Gain new levels of insights into field rep location to quickly pinpoint and eradicate inefficiencies.

  • Utilize analytical, multi-day tracking assessment to uncover trends over a period of time
  • Confirm on- vs off-rent inventory and receipt of delivery for accurate revenue capture
  • View daily performance summaries and easily communicate cross-team

Ensure Accuracy with Geofencing

With geofencing capabilities, sales and service leaders can ensure all data recorded is accurate.

  • Receive alerts if an asset enters a “no-go” zone or leaves a specific area of operation
  • Prompt easy pick-up/transfer of equipment
  • Rapid customization and deployment with pre-built or custom reporting

Maintain a 360 Degree View of your Team

Missed opportunities and poor productivity can cause unnecessary costs. With MapAnything:

  • Automate business processes like customer notifications and entering/existing geofences
  • Report on safety infractions like speeding, hard braking, hard accelerating & device disconnects
  • View vehicle tracking information like odometer readings, miles driven per day & number of stops

Additional Features

IFTA Compliant Mileage Tracking


Geotab Integration

Configured Speed Events

Driver Safety Data Capture

Everyday, we went through this information explosion. We were taking all the information that was already captured in Salesforce® and getting a better visual with MapAnything.

Joseph Cardella, Senior VP, Cardella Waste


Supply Chain Distribution

Distribution companies need a partner that enables them to work closer with their supply chain network.

  • View at any time where materials are throughout your entire supply chain
  • Enable faster, quicker, and safer deliveries that are more predictable and more responsive
  • Improve capacity, reduce overall cost per case, and stay competitive in a demanding environment

Construction and Heavy Equipment

Ensuring your equipment is on-site, operating efficiently, and isn’t overbooked is essential.

  • Reduce the instances of lost or stolen assets with accurate location tracking
  • Extend the life of your equipment and prevent future damage with proactive maintenance alerts
  • Accurately display rental status inside Salesforce

Transportation & Private Fleets

Instantly turn your cost center into a profit center with live asset tracking inside Salesforce.

  • Better track the exact location of any vehicle to accurately report inventory
  • Monitor vehicle diagnostics
  • Accurately report mileage driven for invoicing, maintenance, driver safety, and more

Service Providers

Bring together field operations and CRM data to ensure technicians are providing excellent service.

  • Build customer loyalty with multifactor optimized routes that ensure timely arrival, every time
  • Ensure technicians are moving, customers are being seen, and goals are being met
  • Generate accurate invoices by seeing time-spent-on-site down to the minute

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