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MapAnything ELD Compliance

The ELD Mandate is coming - Drivers must be compliant by December 18, 2017

The ELD Mandate

On December 10, 2015 the FMCSA announced the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Final Rule which affects drivers and fleet operators across the country - is your fleet one of them?

MapAnything can help you understand the regulations, put the right solutions in place to stay compliant and get new benefits from the tools you need - that MapAnything provides.

No More Paper Logs!

Our mobile app approach makes it easy to stay current with changing regulations like ELD on a platform your drivers already understand.

With MapAnything ELD you'll: 

  • Ensure Compliance 
  • Reduce Errors 
  • Avoid Violations 
  • Stay Ahead of the Law

Product Features

  • Compliant Hours of Service logging
  • DVIR's (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports)
  • IFTA mileage reporting
  • Driver document management
  • Accident reporting
  • Exception notifications
  • FMCSA Registered, a solution you can trust