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Salesforce Maps Advanced

Route Optimization, Complex Geo-Visualization and Analytics for Fast-moving Field Teams

Plan sales routes for months or a quarter at a time

Visualize external datasets and thematic mapping

Optimize routes that match your business priorities


Continuous Route Optimization

Empower field teams with large geographic territories that may require overnight trips with routes starting and ending at different locations each day. Easily search for hotels in the area to add to routes and take the guesswork out of navigation within a large territory.

Constraint-based Routing with Complex Configuration

Consider complex, multi-objective business constraints, like time windows, distance limits, or priority levels, to build the most optimal routes and schedules. Reinsert missed or cancelled appointments to be optimized at a later date.

Planned vs Actual Performance Reporting

Gain better visibility into rep performance by comparing mileage planned vs driven for accurate budgeting; stops planned vs made to drive rep productivity; time spent prospecting vs visiting existing customers; and more.

Thematic Mapping

Utilize Thematic Mapping to quickly identify themes or trends in data and make large data sets understandable and actionable. Plan and launch marketing campaigns or outreach programs based on needs trends or other uncovered insights.

Self-hosted Data Visualization

Import and visualize self-hosted data to the map layers to engage in true large-scale geo-analysis across a virtually unlimited amount of data. Keep data in Salesforce secure by eliminating the need to export to third-party systems.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Align field sales and marketing efforts by utilizing start and end dates on campaign objects to ensure visits coincide to when a marketing blitz is occurring in a certain territory. Automate field tasks, like account visit recording, with geofencing and easily disposition to keep performance data up to date at all times.

I knew this was a very powerful tool and it would fundamentally change the process for our Sales Agents - not in the activities that they do, but the speed in which they do them. [Sales Reps] have decreased their planning time by 88% simply by using Salesforce Maps to visually represent their plans.

Joris Vollebergh, Director of Business Services, Digital & CRM, Liberty Global


CPG Execution

Fill shelf space and maintain mindshare with optimized routes that get your reps to priority customers quickly.

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Med Device

Ensure delivery and maintenance schedules are adhered to with optimized routing, and uncover trends.

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Service Providers

Continually meet service agreement requirements and other KPIs with long-term optimized.

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Visualize partners, customers, supply chain, and field sales data on the map to maintain visibility into.

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