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Advanced Territory Management & Optimization

Easily design or realign territories to maximize resources and geographic potential. 

  • Create equitable territories based on workload to utilize full capacity of field teams
  • Balance territories based on opportunity and account/prospect info to help set better quotas
  • Enable reps to service more accounts in less time, realizing the greatest return on your investment

Create Optimized Routes and Schedules

Use MapAnything Territory Planing to create the most complete Territory Plans for your field reps.

  • Daily and weekly routes based on well designed territories will yield more visits in less time
  • Leverage drive time and road networks to put routes in the right places
  • Increase revenue and market share by maximizing capacity of your field resources

Manage Territories Inside of Salesforce

Leverage a complete territory design and maintenance solution within Salesforce

  • Maximize Salesforce and manage Territory Assignments with Enterprise Territory Manager
  • Communicate territory configurations to the field & modify alignments with reports in Salesforce
  • Quickly create, view, and share reports & dashboards to show territory success 

Expert Consulting Services

MapAnything® ensures field performance improvement through enhanced territories.

  • Assist and augment often under-resourced, time-crunched sales operations teams
  • Combine market data, powerful technology, proven methods, and personal expertise
  • Incorporate active participation from field management to make qualitative adjustments and fine-tune design

Optimizing territory design can increase sales by up to 7%, without any change in total resources or sales strategy.

Harvard Business Review


Streamline Global Pharmaceutical Sales

MapAnything Territory Planning empowers field reps with the information they need, when they need it.

  • Easily build & manage territories
  • Visualize custom and standard objects to better enable your field teams
  • Automate admin tasks & decrease wasted windshield time

Maintain Full Capacity for Business Service Providers

Business Service Providers need to stay up-to-date on the latest tech to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Develop and execute Territory Resource Allocations to full capacity and maximize ROI
  • Routinely adjust strategies, tactics, & investments to maximize territory performance

Build New Territories in the CPG Terrain

MapAnything® creates effective territories so field teams can find new revenue & create brand loyalty.

  • Develop & execute new channel-specific territory approaches to keep up with consumer demand
  • Easily report territory performance to all stakeholders and eliminate unwanted silos
  • Build your territories from the ground up

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