9 Maps That Reveal Seriously Lucrative Opps, Not Where Our U.S. Military Members Are Jogging Abroad

Kandahar, Afghanistan
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In light of recent controversy surrounding the self-proclaimed “social network for athletes” Strava, we wanted to shed some light on the power of GPS intel.

While we can get behind the fact that Strava likely never meant to reveal the sensitive location of our men and women in uniform around the world, it’s a great reminder for those of us in the location-based insight space, to think through every possible outcome of our data delivery strategy. Luckily, when it comes to #GeoProductivity software, compliance, data sensitivity, and actionable business information go hand-in-hand...always.

As enjoyable it is to generate and track the ultimate fitness route, so to is discovering the optimal route between meetings with clients and prospects. Imagine never having to be late to another appointment again?

MapAnything’s routing algorithm takes into account all the basics (real-time traffic and weather conditions, speed limits, construction zones, etc.), in addition to the list of client criteria you have designated as your focus for the day. Perhaps you want to visit your accounts that have no less than an 85% lead score, are located in the San Francisco city limits and are at deemed most likely to convert in the next 30 days. Enter all that into to MapAnything and out pops the quickest, most productive and highest revenue generating plan for your day.   

To better illustrate, we came up with a few fun and helpful examples.  


Dog Rescue and Vets Across the U.S.

Looking to rescue that one of a kind mini australian shepherd mix that you found in California; however, you live in North Carolina? #TrueStory. Map out other rescues and vets across the country and search your heart out.

Dog Rescues and Vets in the U.S.

Breweries in Denver, CO

Who doesn’t love beer? Well, aside from our waistlines...

Breweries in Denver, CO

Feel like planning a brewery tour? Map it out!  You can make it to all Denver breweries in one day if you plan it properly (and use Lyft’s fare split because #SayNoToDrinkingAndDriving).

Optimal Route Between Denver Breweries

New York City Starbucks Locations

New York is known for having a Starbucks on every corner, so we wanted to see if it was true. Turns out there are somewhere around 250 Starbucks locations on the island alone.

Starbucks Locations in NYC

Just in case the first 12 locations you visited had longer lines than you have time for, you can easily make it to every location surrounding Central Park for that mid-afternoon caffeine fix.

Route Through NYC to Starbucks Locations

San Francisco Orgs with More Than $100MM in Sales

Arguably the richest city in America, we wanted to see how much these companies were raking in. Looks like 376 business in San Francisco proper along. (Editor’s note: NYC had 417, so maybe we are wrong in our assumptions of riches here…)

San Fransisco Orgs with More Than 100MM in Sales

Because we all have sales goals, here’s how to get to all businesses that pull in sales of over $100MM in the Financial District in San Francisco.

Route through Orgs that Make Over 100MM in Sales, within the Financial District

Businesses with More Than 1 Employee in Fargo, ND

Turns out, Fargo is poppin’ when it comes to small businesses, 69 of them within the Fargo city limits to be exact.

Small Businesses in Fargo, ND

U.S. Businesses with CEOs Named “John”

Of course, we couldn’t do this without a nod to our fearless leader, John Stewart. So, here are businesses across the US with CEO’s also named John (or Jon).

U.S. Businesses that Have a CEO Named John

So, how do you harness this kind of where intel for your company? The answer is simple.  


MapAnything is the leading Geo-Productivity Software platform for both Salesforce and ServiceNow users.  We’re invested in helping your sales, fleet, field service and marketing teams reach their MAXimum potential.   

Our Location of Things (LoT) software is built for one simple task - empowering your enterprise to maximize revenue capture, maximize the number of happy customers you serve, and maximize leads generated to accurately attribute ROI.

Explore the power of #GeoProductivity by requesting a custom demo today! We’ll show you exactly how MapAnything will positively impact your bottom line and help produce a sustainable pipeline.

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Tom DiVittorio
By: Tom DiVittorio
Chief Customer Officer at MapAnything

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