Actionable Data for Government Entities: Putting Geo-Productivity to Work for the Public

GeoProductivity for Government

In today’s emotionally-charged political climate, the term “government” is often associated with feelings of divisiveness and a myriad of opinions on how to best solve the challenges we face. However, despite this turbulent state, one truth has remained universal and steadfast: and that is that it is the government’s responsibility, at all levels, to help service and maintain the lives of its citizens.

Crucial to this effort, is a comprehensive and ever-evolving understanding of where one’s citizens, programs, initiatives, projects, etc. are located. This geo-aware, actionable intelligence is exactly what we cultivate and deliver here at MapAnything. We call it #GeoProductivity.

Whether one is employed by the federal, state or local government, he/she needs the ability to turn data into actionable intelligence so decisions can be made faster and the community can be better served. Geo-Productivity unlocks this opportunity for governmental entities, to completely transform, centralize and simplify day-to-day management processes.

  • View All Organizational Data in One Place
    Get a real-time, interactive map of citizen requests, team member locations, administrative boundaries, program progress and outcomes, as well as third party & ESRI data.

  • Quickly Respond to Incidents & Citizen Requests
    Visualize incidents and citizen requests. Take action directly from the map - locate and assign cases, plan routes, identify trends, and get all the tools needed to location-enable one’s 311 mobile application or improve field responsiveness & productivity.

  • Recruit Business & Create Jobs
    Map & monitor business trends by area; identify available real estate for incoming companies; and view hubzones, job posts, & job placements.


An Inside Look at East Sussex Highways

In December 2015, two MapAnything customers, Costain and CH2M , announced a joint venture and put in a compelling bid for the East Sussex Highways project, retained by the East Sussex County Council. The project involved the design, management and maintenance of over 2,000 miles of highway in East Sussex county of the United Kingdom.  Oversight of the county’s network of roads, pavement, street lights, sidewalks, bridges, drains and gullies was a chief component of the project, as well.

Before Costain and CH2M took over the East Sussex Highways project, and brought Salesforce and MapAnything aboard, daily processes such as routing and data maintenance were time-intensive and very manual in nature. Highway stewards would be forced to take case notes on paper throughout the day, only to then have to return back to the office that evening to digitally transcribe them all. Efficiency was a huge challenge.

Thanks to Costain and CH2M, along with Salesforce and MapAnything, East Sussex Highways has been able to streamline processes, integrate and centralize all their data, equip their highway stewards with mobile access to case information and increase overall case completion.

“With Salesforce and MapAnything, everything’s completely changed. Now I am able to save a significant amount of travel time because I don't have to go to and from the office as much. I can find other, close-by jobs while I'm out on-site. I can see client ​inquiries live, as they come in on the mobile app. ​While I’m in the field, I can investigate assets ​like our drains and our gullies ​to see what previous cases exist and what repairs we’ve carried out in the past.”

- Jack Griffiths, Senior Highway Steward at East Sussex Highways

For more information on how East Sussex Highways continues to use MapAnything and Geo-Productivity to better service it’s community, please read the full success story here.


The more insightful the information we can equip our citizens and government workers with, to educate, assist and protect their well-being, the more successful the overall organization will become. And a complete understanding of one’s community, from both a professional and personal standpoint, requires a strong discernment of where.

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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech
Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything