Axia brings high bandwidth internet to more people with the help of MapAnything

Axia provides fibre optic internet solutions for enterprise, government, carrier, and residential customers to help people share data faster and collaborate effortlessly with others around the world.  For over a decade, the company has  focused its business on areas where access to high bandwidth fibre infrastructure did not exist.

To reach new customers, even remote regions, Axia relies in large part on door-to-door sales door teams. The processes for those feet-on-the-street teams used to be a traditional paper-heavy, manual process. But Axia was growing quickly and wanted to modernize its  processes for field sales to keep pace with its tech-forward processes that were already in place across its other business departments.

To make that leap, Axia chose MapAnything to seamlessly integrate real-time data during sales calls with existing content in Axia’s CRM system of choice, Salesforce. Moreover, MapAnything gave Axia new capabilities that were instrumental to their door to door efforts.  

"We’ve seen a week of sales that was triple what we did before MapAnything."

John Reid | Regional VP SMB Sales | Axia

More sales calls: Using MapAnything, Axia  gained a bird’s eye view of households and small businesses that fit certain criteria, suggesting they would benefit most from Axia services. By narrowing the field, sales teams became more efficient. Axia was able to move from 30 warm prospect visits per rep per day to 50, a massive efficiency boost.

Better prospect engagement: With MapAnything, Axia was able to filter leads into separate categories to quickly check whether sales reps had already visited a particular person, and if so, what preferences or issues that person had discussed during prior sales calls. Armed with these details, sales reps could  tailor follow-up conversations to better relate to their prospects, and make sales visits more productive.

Faster time to sale: MapAnything automates workflows and information sharing, so sales reps can update CRM and finance records automatically rather than spending time typing in updates between visits, or spending hours back at the office inputting batch updates. As a result, Axia teams were able to spend more time speaking with prospects and less time fussing with data input, which helped triple weekly sales and increase the highest daily record by 16%.

Easy onboarding: Training new field sales reps on proper data input and processes used to be an incredibly time consuming process. Because MapAnything automates so much of the data entry and workflows, Axia was able to quickly scale their salesforce to meet their growth needs. According to John Reid,Regional VP SMB Sales at Axia, “We’ve more than tripled our salesforce just because training and administration time is cut down so much by MapAnything.”

Whether you want to find new leads, maximize productivity for appointments, or slash time on administrative tasks, MapAnything software is the solution for you. Contact us to schedule a demo of MapAnything’s Geo-Productivity software, or read through customer case studies to learn more about how companies like Axio have reaped massive new productivity gains and increased sales.

Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything