Back-to-Basics: How MapAnything Helps Make Your Life Easier

MapAnything - Great for Salesforce Admins

We recently discussed how to respond when you are faced with opposition to adopting new technology. As great as that is, we also want to make sure you understand that MapAnything, although built for the dispersed sales and service teams, is also built for you. Here's how:


#1: We help you help yourself.

MapAnything is known to be easy to use with some simple configuration settings. Teams can preset any layers, share them amongst themselves, and voila! Easy usage and adoption. When teams are able to easily understand and adopt new software, it means you are asked less questions. Of course, you'll still get people who need a little coaching in the beginning, but we've also prepared a full library of How To videos (check them out here) that you can easily save and send.

Check out what some customers had to say about using our technology:

MapAnything Customer Review

#2: You can help your company reach goals.

The last thing you need to worry about is if the report you pull will represent real, accurate data on whether goals are being met, or not. You know your leadership team needs to see the best, most reliable information, and a CRM system run on manual data input and management just won't make the cut anymore.

MapAnything uses geofencing capabilities to automatically log check-in and check-out details, track driver behavior through accurate latitude and longitude location settings, and allows team members to easily find nearby customers or leads to fill any schedule gaps. In fact, Modern Star users have stated they've saved upwards of 2+ hours per day planning their routes, and even more being able to adjust on the fly.

Julianne DeGeorge, Salesforce Admin at Mats, Inc. says it best:

Salesforce Admin Weighs In

#3 We can help you solidify your spot as the office hero.

Everyone will be happier, we promise. Once your teammates see the benefit of MapAnything (for ex: Valvoline sales team members saw a 60% improvement in sales effectiveness), they'll want to give you a trophy that rivals the Stanley Cup. Bring on the gold stars, because you're about to become the office hero.

Hear from a current office hero below:

MapAnything Office Hero

Did we exaggerate? Ok you may not receive a trophy the size of the Stanley Cup, but you'll definitely be seen as someone who brought necessary innovation and process implementation to your entire company. At the end of they day, it's your world, Admin, and we're just living in it. 

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Jill Koskosky

By: Jill Koskosky
Product Marketing Manager at MapAnything

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