Back-to-Basics: New Technology Adoption

Technology Adoption

When it comes to adopting new technology, people are slow to put their trust in something new. Call it “fear of the unknown”, “habits”, “reluctance to change”, what have you. Either way, it takes time to get your coworkers to adopt a new technology platform. We put together the top 3 common concerns that will likely come your way.

#1: I don't understand why I have to use this. I already see all my clients.

We aren't saying your team is slacking, nor should you. When coming across this concern, it's a pretty simple response:

“Absolutely! You are seeing your clients, but don't you want to see more clients?”

MapAnything gives your team the ability to essentially operate like a sales or service ninja. Creating optimized routes, which takes only minutes, gives your team incredible visibility into how they can best utilize the hours they have. Say your sales rep has a doctor's appointment at 2pm - easy. They can actually build a route around that timeframe and location; ensuring they aren't zig zagging across town, wasting time.

You know what that means. More customers = more potential sales = more money in the bank.

#2: Seriously? Another new technology I have to spend time learning? This is taking away from my sales time!

There really isn't an easy to get around this one. Unfortunately, yes, your team will have to spend time learning a new technology. But, the benefits far outweigh the learning curve. So, how could you respond?

“I get it...learning something new takes time, but I promise you it's doable. It already connects to Salesforce, so you don't even have to leave Salesforce. And, it automates so many things based on your location, so it actually creates MORE time for you.”

Creates more time? That has to be a marketing term, right? Actually, MapAnything does in fact find time for your sales and service teams. No, we aren't adding more hours to the day - we can't recreate the Mayan calendar - but we are creating efficient, optimized routes for your team so they spend less time behind a windshield and more time seeing those high priority clients.

#3 Ok, I'll use it, but what if the route includes a highway that is basically a parking lot?

Enter the 405 in Los Angeles. That is obviously an extreme, but avoiding accidents, traffic delays, shut down roads, etc. is very important! Your response?

“The coolest thing about MapAnything is that it actually takes into consideration historic traffic patterns, weather delays, and other variables, like road closures. So, you can rest easy!”

It's true. MapAnything is the only Location of Things platform that actually has its own multivariate routing and scheduling engine. You can read more about that here.

Ultimately, we take into consideration any delays that could prevent your sales or service rep from making it to an appointment on time. No one wants to be late to an important meeting or work order, no one. We understand that, so we've actually taken the time to build out an entirely new, proprietary calculations engine that solves that for you. (YAY)

We know there are more questions that popup that may not be listed here. Just for that, we have a 24/7 support team that is reachable online (just chat to the little bobble head) or by emailing

We hope these tips help you with convincing your team to use MapAnything. After all, your company made a killer investment into new technologies, so let's get people using them!

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Jill Koskosky

By: Jill Koskosky
Product Marketing Manager at MapAnything

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