Back-to-Basics: World Class Support, for Real

Work Class Customer Service

Does your day look something like this?

Colleague: “I am having trouble doing {this thing} in MapAnything. Can you help?”

You: “Sure! But, I'm literally right in the middle of {this massive report that your VP of something-or-another needs}. Can you give me an hour?”

Colleague: “It's pretty urgent.”

You: Drop everything and become a help desk. Then, try to explain why your report may come later than promised.

Well, you can stop that with our multitude of ways to provide customer support to your colleague, you know, without becoming a personal call center. We've outlined the Top 4 ways to help your colleagues navigate this new technology below:


#1: Resource Center (a digital version of the Beast's library) 

That's right. We counted them out and there are a few thousand articles in our Resource Library which will undoubtedly provide you with the quickest answer to what you need. The Beast may have had the classics, but we've got the future (and the Beauty - but we may be biased).

Get lost in the best support library ever, here 

MapAnything Resource Center

#2: MapAnything University (not accredited, but still cool)

MapAnything University

College courses in the form of webinars? Yep, we did that. They aren't technically “college” courses, but they are MapAnything University courses that give you and your colleagues access to some of the basics in order to alleviate concerns about getting started with a new technology (#mindblown).

Start pursuing your degree* today.

*It's not a degree, we aren't a University, but you'll still learn a lot. 

#3 The Netflix-esque video hub 

Webinars and reading not your thing? That's ok, we've developed on-demand videos that cover all the same topics. If you've realized it's 2pm and you haven't eaten lunch, we encourage you to go grab a green smoothie (because nutrients), and then come back refreshed and ready to learn how to {insert MapAnything action here}.

MapAnything and Chill here

MapAnything Video Hub

#4 Your handy dandy dedicated Success Team


Want to go old school and talk to a real human being? The good news is although we are innovating the future of business efficiency through our Location of Things platform that takes into consideration multivariate routing, priority level clients, geofencing capabilities, and more - we still believe in human interaction.

Every customer, even you, will have a dedicated team of highly skilled support personnel that you can contact via email, phone, chat, or Harry Potter's owl at any time.

Test us. There's a human on the other end of this link.

Anything else? Ask away! We'll always have an answer for you. 


MapAnything Resource Center >> 

Webinar Video MapAnything MapAnything University How-To Best Practices

Jill Koskosky

By: Jill Koskosky
Product Marketing Manager at MapAnything

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