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Click2Create: Prospect like a Pro

Imagine the possibility of searching for prospects or adding potential prospects as leads or accounts in Salesforce with one click of a button. With MapAnything's Click2Create (C2C) this functionality is possible.

Click2Create (C2C) originated as a simple request from a client with an outside sales team. They were looking for a way to improve efficiency when prospecting and adding leads in Salesforce. From that request, MapAnything developed C2C, allowing users to save time and reduce number of clicks when adding records to Salesforce directly from the map view.

Some common use cases of C2C include:

  • When planning in advance, use MapAnything to search for a business in a specific area, add them as a prospect in Salesforce and include them in your routes or schedule
  • Find new companies using the MapAnything Business data platform to quickly add records in Salesforce
  • When using MapAnything on your mobile device, search for nearby prospects (companies/contacts that are not in Salesforce) and quickly add them as records in Salesforce

Adding the C2C feature to your environment can give you the tools you need to help improve overall productivity of your sales team. If this is your first introduction to C2C, contact your Salesforce admin and ask them to configure C2C for your organization.

To learn more about this topic, please join us on Wednesday May 15th at 11 a.m. EST.

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Spencer Brown
Client Success Manager

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