“Behind the Scenes: Road to Revenue Tour” - Coming Soon to Your Business Community

Behind the Scenes - Road to Revenue Tour

Sales...productivity. When considered separately, these two words are pretty simple to comprehend. Together however, they represent a long-standing, ever-evolving concept, so boundless and complex that many businesses today are still struggling to define and actuate it.

In a recent study, we found, along with Selling Power, that 87% of sales reps believe face-to-face sales tactics are the most effective way to close a deal. Yet over 54% of most sales reps’ time is spent on office-tasks or travel, instead of in-person selling.

Although it is widely accepted that sales productivity is critical to creating a sustainable revenue model, the successful components of sales reps’ week-to-week strategy are what oftentimes remain illusive.

This challenge is not insurmountable, however. There are several sales visionaries who have mastered the art of Sales Productivity at their organization. We, the team at MapAnything, have benefited from their expertise, and now we want to provide that same opportunity to you. As such, we are launching our Fall 2017 “Behind the Scenes: Road to Revenue Tour” on Thursday, September 7.  With only 30 invites available at each location, this is an exclusive event that YOU do not want to miss.

Join us at one of our five tour stops, each showcasing a prominent U.S. distillery, brewery or winery and featuring a behind the scenes look at the venue. In addition, those on each guest list will enjoy:

  • A sneak peak into the minds of today’s top business leaders - including best selling author and sales strategist, Jill Konrath,  and internationally acclaimed professional speaker and business trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer
  • An insightful peer panel on how real-life sales productivity solutions were executed at several successful companies
  • Tons of expert guidance and advice
  • Invaluable networking opportunities

The tour will be hosted by MapAnything CRO Michael Muhlfelder, who has spearheaded our sales efforts since Fall of 2016, during which time he has revolutionized our selling approach and equipped our sales reps with the strategies they need to be geo-productive. The key result has been increased opportunities for our reps’ to provide customer face-time, which in turn has lent to more closed business.

For more information on each of our stops, please review the details below or visit the tour webpage.

Tour Stops

September 7 | Atlanta, GA - City Winery Atlanta

September 12 | Boston, MA - The Butcher Shop

September 26 | Chicago, IL - The Franklin Room

October 3 | San Francisco, CA - Bluxome Street Winery

October 17 | Philadelphia, PA - New Liberty Distillery

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Brian Bachofner
By: Brian Bachofner

CMO at MapAnything

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