CRM Admins: Take back your life with Geo-Productivity Software

GPS for CRM Admins

If you’re a CRM database administrator (DBA), chances are you’re so busy you barely have time to read this post. MapAnything’s Geo-Productivity Software (GPS), which integrates data for you and visualizes it on interactive, real-time maps, is the magic bullet you’ve been looking for to free up your time to focus on the work you want to do, not the drudgery you don’t.

We know that as a CRM DBA you’re not just a typical database admin. You’re more like a business analyst. Sales data is the currency of all businesses, without which sales and revenues grind to a halt. As the guardian of that currency you’re in high demand, working closely with C-level executives to shape sales initiatives: analyzing complex problems, sifting through interconnections across different types of data to understand what it all means so you can provide sound advice to your stakeholders that will help them take action.  

You’re also the person responsible for making that data usable.  You put inordinate amounts of time into cleaning data to make it usable, not to mention begging the sales reps to input information.

Geo-Productivity Software is here to help. Using MapAnything with your CRM saves you and your sales teams time, and provides immediate insights. Here’s how:

  • One of the most critical factors for geo-productivity software to be useful is deep integration with CRM. MapAnything is built natively with the and ServcieNow systems. This simplifies mobile updates and eliminates duplicate logins or data entry, all of which improves CRM adoption.  

  • As sales professionals conduct meetings with customers and accounts, geo-productivity  information is automatically updated with MapAnything, ensuring more accurate and complete customer records.

  • Because GPS is integrated with the CRM system, it’s easy to automate complex sales workflows. No need for integrations, imports/exports, uploads/downloads.

  • You can spend minutes rather than hours or days on value-add activities. Make mass record updates in one click using the mass action functionality, easily reassign task or records using a map-based query,  and easily slice and dice information by displaying a map on any page or object, displaying nearby related records.

Don’t take our word for it. Read through our customer case studies to see the power of MapAnything. Or, contact us to schedule a GPS demo to learn how MapAnything can help you. Thousands of CRM admins across the globe in large and small businesses have used MapAnything to take back their life and escape the shackles of data cleansing and data integration. Now you can too.

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Kristi Guzman
By: Kristi Guzman

Salesforce Operations Manager at MapAnything