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Defining Geo-Enabled Field Productivity

3_circle_graphs_Tall-02.jpgAs the quarter nears its end, sales organizations everywhere are taking the first opportunity in 2019 to benchmark their success. Now is the time to double down on a strategic approach to field sales and service productivity to maximize revenue in today’s vibrant economic environment.   

Top performing enterprises are likely to be the ones with refined sales program design, execution and measurement. If “productivity” is measured in the all-important metric of quota attainment, most sellers have room for improvement. With that said, according to the Miller Heiman 2018-2019 State of Sales Report, only 54.3% of sales reps meet quota, and 47.3% of sellers are closing less than half of what they forecast. The two go hand-in-hand, and to make matters worse, 22% of field reps state that their sales success is hindered by lack of face-to-face selling time.  

Geo-enabled field productivity solutions can be a game changer for teams looking to score bigger each quarter. To increase selling time, efficiency, and ultimately productivity, top performing teams are implementing the following tactics:

  1. Build Optimal Territories -- Balance territories based on workload or revenue opportunity to maximize rep capacity.

  2. Establish Productive Schedules -- Optimal schedules for field visits consider multiple constraints such as account priority, pre-scheduled meeting times, visit windows and time to travel between meetings.

  3. Assign Efficient Routes – Use advanced, multi-objective routing to chart the most efficient routes that consider factors such as traffic, fixed meeting times, account priority, etc.

  4. Track Assets and Field Rep Activity -- Use real time and historic tracking data for measuring planned vs. actual activity to aid in optimal future planning.

  5. Implement Map-based Visualization – View rep, customer, prospect and other key locations on a map.

  6. Ensure Integration with Salesforce – Reduce administration time, one of the biggest detractors of rep productivity, with automatic updates of Salesforce data. This makes life easier for field reps and ensures CRM data is accurate.

As you tackle the rest of the year, be sure that your team is armed with the industry’s most advanced geo-enabled field productivity solutions, like ours.  MapAnything is the enterprise leader of field productivity solutions that leverage mapping and optimization technologies. Our customers maximize the productivity of their sales and service resources.

Ken Kramer
Chief Marketing Officer

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