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Delivery Routing Software - MapAnything

MapAnything Delivery Routing Software shown on iPad

Delivery routing software helps businesses save time, increase productivity, and boost customer satisfaction. If you employ field sales reps or service technicians, then optimizing their travel schedule is essential. Planning efficient routes frees up time, reduces fuel costs, and allows them to see more clients during their workday.

What Is Delivery Routing Software?

Route planning software calculates the most efficient way to travel between customer locations. Instead of using the distance between point A and point B, it takes into account a range of other variables that basic tools like Google Maps don’t factor in. Advanced route management software finds the quickest and most fuel-efficient route based on historical traffic volumes at any given time of day. This allows your field service engineers and sales teams to travel quickly between sites and spend more time with customers.

Delivery routing software can also handle complex multi-stop route planning. It can factor in how long a person will spend at a location and the best route is from there onwards. If your team members have several visits to make in a day, the software can automatically calculate the most efficient order to approach them in. If you have narrow time windows in which to make deliveries, then route optimization helps you to operate smoothly within these fixed parameters.

How Can It Benefit My Business?

Incorporating delivery routing software into your business opens up a wealth of benefits. It can aid both strategic planning and everyday execution of tasks to help you operate more efficiently. Here are some of the key advantages of using routing software:

  • Saves time and fuel costs by enabling you to create optimal schedules and routes.

  • Improves efficiency with dynamic routing and scheduling that adjusts as appointments or driving conditions change.

  • Facilitates positive client relationships by maximizing time to meet customers and service their needs.

  • Simplifies territory planning by enabling field sales and service managers to allocate resources based on customer demand.

  • Enables greater visibility, accountability, and measurement of field sales activities which boosts productivity.

  • Supports in-depth analysis and tracking of results within Salesforce to inform strategic decision making.

Making full use of route management software enables you to improve efficiency and productivity in your business. By making one small change to your systems, you can improve customer service, save valuable time, and increase profits too.

Who Can Delivery Routing Software Help?

Delivery routing software can help any business that transports goods or visits customer locations. Here are just a few of the industries and job functions that currently benefit from automated route planning:

  • Sales and service managers - Enables managers to boost team productivity, track KPIs, and easily run reports via

  • Sales reps - Reduces travel and admin time so they can focus on interacting with customers and achieving sales targets.

  • Service technicians - Optimizes visit scheduling so that clients can have their issues resolved more quickly.

  • Fleet managers - Enables multi-vehicle coordination and simplifies fleet management so that all your assets are used to their full potential.

  • Manufacturing - Synchronize all the moving parts of your supply chain, from sales to distribution, using just one piece of software.

  • Healthcare and Pharma - Attend more client appointments by optimizing your route selection and scheduling.

  • Financial Services - Leverage a data-driven approach to building customer relationships and maximizing territory potential.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods - Visualize store locations, plan merchandising deliveries, and ensure your retail execution drives sell-in and sell-through by spending more time with trade customers.

  • Delivery companies - Identify the most efficient delivery routes so shipments arrive on time and via the most cost-effective path.

Choosing the Best Route Optimization Software

MapAnything is the #1 productivity and efficiency platform for field sales and service teams. It allows companies to plan the best routes for reps and technicians, which adapt to changing conditions in real time. If you’re comparing mobile apps and other route planner applications, then here are some of the factors that make MapAnything unique.

Built for Salesforce

Unlike other software, ours is actually built ON the platform rather than being integrated with it. Because it was built natively, there is just one system of work. This means no inefficient double entry or frustrating synchronization issues. Automatic updates reduce the data input necessary into Salesforce, automatically track field activity and assets, and reveal activity on a map.

Opportunity Focused

Most delivery routing software is focused on geography but this doesn’t address the multifaceted needs of many businesses. MapAnything is the industry's most advanced territory optimization platform that reps to opportunities rather than just geography. This reduces the time that they spend traveling, optimizes their schedules for maximum customer interaction, and facilitates better revenue results.

Multi-Factor Routing

Unlike other delivery routing software, we don’t just consider distance in our calculations. The shortest route isn’t always the more efficient and making the wrong choice can significantly deplete time and fuel resources. MapAnything has the most advanced multi-factor routing capabilities of any routing software available. It enables scheduling and route planning for one day or several weeks in advance. Dynamic routing and schedule optimization make automatic adjustments as appointments or traffic conditions change. This means you always benefit from the most efficient route, no matter what crops up along the way.

Visualization Capabilities

Map-based visualization helps to bring your data to life. Instead of staring at endless spreadsheets or written reports, you can create graphic representations that are easy to analyze and interpret. You can visualize Salesforce data like field assets, customers, and prospects, on a map-centric interface. This allows you to absorb information more easily, quickly identify emerging trends, and visually determine the most effective ways to enter a new territory.

Secure Data Storage

Data security is a top priority for us, just as it is for our customers. Our software is thoroughly tested and regularly updated to ensure your data is always safe. It’s also GDPR compliant to support adherence to the latest European data regulations. This enables you to maintain data security and meet legal requirements without any hassle.

Fully Customizable

MapAnything is highly adaptable and can be customized to meet your specific business needs. The platform can be integrated with custom iOS and Android apps and bespoke environments. So, whatever your requirements, we’re confident that our software can be tailored to support them. If you have in-house developers, then get them to take a look at our API page for more details.

Delivery Routing Software - Summary

Selecting the optimal route for business purposes requires more than a basic mobile app like Google Maps. It requires dynamic route optimization software that can adapt based on changing needs and external conditions. A multistop route planner can help businesses of all sizes to save time and money. It enables sales and field service management to define and optimize territories that improve customer experience. Choosing the right software solution can increase efficiency and decrease operational costs, delivering an exceptional return on investment. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help your business to benefit?

MapAnything’s Route Optimization Solution

With over 2,100 customers and over 150+ employees worldwide, MapAnything helps clients increase revenue, drive productivity, gain better territory visibility, and deepen customer loyalty. Our Geo-enabled Field Productivity software is built for one simple task - empowering your enterprise to maximize revenue capture, maximize the number of happy customers you serve, and maximize leads generated to accurately attribute ROI. We do this all in the CRM workflow to help clients streamline operations, automate their business process, and increase overall accuracy and adoption.

MapAnything makes field teams more effective, efficient, and profitable. MapAnything allows you to perform vital Salesforce® tasks from the map - log calls, update records, create new tasks and events, and add thousands of contacts to a marketing campaign with one click. Schedule and optimize an entire week in MapAnything to spend less time planning, and more time selling.

MapAnything brings your CRM data to life and ensures field teams are operating at maximum efficiency. When every meeting is a new opportunity to produce revenue, field teams need the right tools in their arsenal to spend more time with customers and less time planning routes or performing administrative tasks. Our route planning software arms field reps with the information they need to perform productively and generate more revenue for your business.

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