Dreamforce 2017 Recap: What the 4th Industrial Revolution means for field based work

4th Industrial Revolution

Another Dreamforce is in the books, and what a week it was.  Here at MapAnything, we had a record year, giving away a 2018 Chevrolet Colorado, and raising over $20,000 for The Benioff Children’s Hospital and the Second Harvest Food Bank of the Carolinas with our $1 Badge Scan campaign.

The common theme this year is the concept of the 4th Industrial Revolution, where we transition from the Computing Age into the Intelligence Age.  Marc Benioff sees this as the driving force behind new jobs, industries, opportunities and challenges for everyone involved.  While Artificial Intelligence (AI), and to some degree the Salesforce Einstein platform, offers a tremendous opportunity for advancement in the way companies serve their clients, it’s the underlying data coming from IoT-enabled devices that will be integral to making these intelligent systems work. 

And it’s not just the devices themselves that tell us when they’re broken or need new parts that will be pivotal.  It’s the location of field workers to the devices that will have a real impact on the customer experience.  We live in an age of location-aware smartphones that have transformed our productivity, and now we see those same Lyft or Wave like expectations filtering into our expectations at work.  Instead of a four, or even two-hour visit window, our customers now expect live SMS messages and a map of the driver's exact location in real-time. 

Our MapAnything Live platform was designed to help any Salesforce customer who uses vehicles or physical assets to sell or service their customers adapt to this new paradigm.  We have Waste Management companies increasing productivity and lowering costs while being more responsive to customer demands in real-time.  We have Insurance, Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods and Tire Companies helping their sales reps see more customers per week, ensuring client mindshare and competition advantage are always maximized. 

It’s the companies that transition from B2B (I’m selling to you, a business, software to help you solve problems) to B2B2C (I’m selling you, a business, software that helps improve YOUR end-customer experience) using AI and IoT that will determine the winners in this 4th Industrial Age. 

It’s a very exciting time indeed.


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John Stewart
By: John Stewart

CEO at MapAnything