Dreamforce 2018: How Location Data is Changing Field Sales Management

Dreamforce Session: Field Sales Management

We’ve all heard the adage that knowledge is power. The question is, do you have as much knowledge as your competitor? When it comes to running field sales teams, location intelligence has quickly become a critical layer of information necessary to ignite revenues. How? Location data – where reps are in relation to customers, where prospects are, where optimal sales territories lie – transforms typical sales knowledge, turning ho hum field sales know-how into powerful insights that have a direct impact on enterprise growth.

As we shared in one of our earlier blog posts, we surveyed hundreds of sales professionals to discover the challenges, strategies, and outlook for field sales. Findings reflect:

  • The profession of field sales has never been more challenging. Sales reps are being asked to do more, see more prospects and customers, and still manage the day-to-day tasks of CRM updates, administration, and meetings.
  • Efficiency is critical.
  • Face-to-face interactions are key to increasing customer loyalty, building a corporate brand, differentiating against competition, and finding new prospects. Fifty-two percent of our respondents stated that to close business, face-to-face interaction is required “all of the time.”

But, face-to-face meetings are often easier said than done when travel costs are a concern and there is only so much time in a day. How can sales leaders retain the long-standing customer relationships that their field sales teams have built over the years while also scaling massively to drive new opportunities - all without hiring an additional army of expensive sales reps?

Location data applied to sales and CRM data makes it possible to address all of these challenges in new, innovative ways.

In today’s business being more location-intelligent and action-oriented is essential for optimizing the time required to be efficient in field sales and service related activities. Using applications that make the knowledge in where customers, opportunity and routes are immediately available help increase revenue but also meet customer expectations.
Mark Smith
CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

During Dreamforce, we’ll be hosting a panel with Ventana Research CEO, Mark Smith and several MapAnything customers, to discuss how Location of Things technology can be used to improve Field Sales. I invite you to join us, to learn about future trends in field sales, how LoT technology can increase your team's efficiency, how to get the most out your Salesforce data, and tips for a smooth implementation.


Event:    Trends in Field Sales: How Location Data is changing Field Sales Management

When:    Wednesday, September 26, 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM

Where:   Marriott Marquis, Foothill G1-G2


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Brian Bachofner

By: Brian Bachofner
Chief Marketing Officer at MapAnything

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