Dreamforce Attendees Are Individuals, So Treat Them as Such

This is part two of a three part series on how to establish and execute your dream marketing plan at Dreamforce 2017.

Now that we’re about a month out from Dreamforce 2017, it’s time for sponsors to propel their marketing efforts to the next level! At this point, your company should have an established marketing strategy, your team should be leveraging your relationship with Salesforce and you've got your marketing ROI model set to measure against attribution, not just source (Revisit Part One).

Remember, in order to extract as much value from the event as possible, you and your team need to be viewing Dreamforce as a closing event. When a lead or prospect is on the cusp of entering the “Closing Stage,” it’s more important than ever to address them as an individual with interests and hobbies, as well as a professional with business challenges to solve. Here’s what I mean.


Segment everything.  Make it personal as well as professional.

Traditional Segmentation

When I first attended Dreamforce, about nine years ago, “segmentation” was a hot, new, trendy topic. Segmentation, at this stage, encompassed targeting based on persona, location, potential product fit, spend capacity and ABM. The strategies being tested out were things like pre-show nurture streams, event-based microsites and landing pages and meeting schedulers. And although these tactics still contribute heavily to marketing success today, the concept has definitely evolved.

Lifestyle Segmentation

This approach to segmentation really began to generate steam about two to three years ago at Dreamforce. It was at this point that marketing teams decided to take a more psychological approach and began looking at prospects and customers as individuals, with interests outside of work. Providing memorable experiences became the name of the game, and often involved activities like fitness, wine/beer tastings, the emergence of cause-based parties like Outforce, networking groups like Women in Tech, the Salesforce MVPs, etc. By taking the time to get to know prospects and customers as people, trust became more seamless, professional relationships were strengthened and ultimately, sales became easier to convert and maintain.

This same result still holds true today. And the best part is, this approach tends to be fairly low cost, while generating a high impact.

Dreamforce Segmentation

Most recent to emerge on the scene is the idea of “Dreamforce Segmentation.” In essence, the concept builds on lifestyle segmentation while narrowing the scope to the Salesforce ecosystem. Companies that operate in the Salesforce community, are now looking to break into groups like Salesforce Gov, the Developer Community, etc. Within these groups lies the potential to earn additional marketing “Influencers” that can assist greatly in building brand awareness.

For example, here at MapAnything, we depend on one of our co-workers, Kristi Guzman to be a brand evangelist. As a Salesforce MVP, she gains access to a completely different audience at Dreamforce. With her vast array of Salesforce and MapAnything knowledge, she is able to converse with her counterparts and related professionals, on industry topics, platform features and much more. She helps establish us an industry knowledge leader first and as the MapAnything product and brand second.

Your Customers = Free PR


Who better to influence your current prospects, on the edge of closing, than your current, happy customers? Their impact can be massive. So develop a strategy to get as many of your customers to Dreamforce as possible, talking to as many attendees as possible. This can entail nominating them to speak, inviting them to your exclusive events and parties and featuring them at your booth. Oftentimes, this can also be a great opportunity to sponsor a customer. Offer to sponsor a customer’s Dreamforce experience who may be having a difficult time making a case to their boss, or perhaps simply does not have the budget to dedicate. This will add yet another layer to their gratitude and likely stimulate the makings of a passionate brand evangelist. The most important thing to remember though is to make it about them, not your company or your product. They are an individual, a professional and then a customer of your’s. Let them shine, and they will surely return the favor.

All in all, I am excited to be employing all of these strategies in our own marketing efforts for Dreamforce 2017! From the various life-style inspired activities we are hosting like “Yoga in the Park” to the showcases we have planned for several of our customers, we can’t wait to celebrate individuals at Dreamforce this year, as well as business successes.

Be on the lookout for Part Three of this blog series next week.

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Brian Bachofner
By: Brian Bachofner

CMO at MapAnything

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