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Dreamforce 2017

This is part one of a three part series on how to establish and execute your dream marketing plan at Dreamforce 2017.

Having joined the MapAnything Marketing family in February, my team and I are incredibly excited to traverse and execute our first Dreamforce together this year! That being said, I am no stranger to growing phenomenon that is Dreamforce. Having been part of a myriad of companies and accompanying roles over the last eight years, I have had the privilege of attending the conference eight times. In the beginning, Dreamforce was typically defined by major Salesforce announcements. Then came the series of years where new platforms were released at the show. Now, I am thrilled to say, the focus seems to have shifted to off-site marketing initiatives.

No matter the theme or defining moment of the event, each year at Dreamforce continues to have the potential to be exceptionally productive and rewarding, both experientially and monetarily, to any organization or team who participates. Part of ensuring you get the most out of Dreamforce entails generating and executing a well-planned, multi-layer marketing strategy. Here are some of the essentials I have learned, witnessed and incorporated throughout my years at Dreamforce.

Have a strategy, not just a plan.

What exactly do I mean by this? Make sure your organization’s representation and delivery at Dreamforce are consistent with your brand. Part of this, is making sure your team and your company understand the difference between Product Marketing and Branding, as well as where to use each accordingly.

Your overall marketing strategy should encompass both, and will be comprised of everything from your booth, your location in the expo, the demos you decide to give, the personas you target, etc. This is how I distinguish between the two. Product Marketing is the mixture of ways in which you compare and distinguish your products from other products in the marketplace. Branding on the other hand, is the variety of approaches you take to define and champion your customers, as compared to others.

The end goal and perfect balance of these two components, will help you create positive experiences and brand association for Dreamforce attendees.

Leverage Salesforce.

By establishing solid relationships, and you can aligning and enabling the Account Executive and Sales Leadership teams at Salesforce, you increase your chances of them bringing your brand and your into their own sales cycle. Just because their primary goal is to sell Salesforce does not mean that they wouldn’t sell you product in addition to, as an add on.

View ROI through Marketing attribution vs. sourced.

It’s imperative that your team uses Dreamforce as business closing event. Often organizations approach the show as a simple lead generation opportunity, when in reality, the output can be so much greater. One-on-one meetings with clients and prospects, personalized dinners and extracurricular outings, as well as thoughtful follow-up communication, can be the difference between closing a deal by year’s end. Dreamforce provides the ultimate opportunity to nurture those imperative relationships.

I am looking forward to the culmination of all my teams’ efforts and hard work this year at Dreamforce. We’ve certainly utilized and plan to leverage all the ideas above and can’t wait to champion our brand, products, customers and prospects at the show this November!

Be on the lookout for Part Two of this blog series next week.

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Brian Bachofner
By: Brian Bachofner

CMO at MapAnything

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