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Webinar with Jill Konrath - 12/1 at 2 p.m. EST

Today’s sellers constantly feel slammed, like they’ll never be able to get it all done. Yet the reality is, the way they’re working is actually the root cause of this overwhelm. Join Jill Konrath and Brian Bachofner for this quick 30 minute webinar to learn some sales productivity hacks to help you free up 1-2 hours per day.

This is the first blog in our “More Sales in Less Time” series, featuring exclusive insights and advice from renowned sales expert Jill Konrath.

So many of today’s sales managers and reps feel completely slammed every second of everyday. They feel plagued by the feeling that they’ll never be able to get it all done! Can you relate to their predicament? Having been in sales myself, during my early career, and working with sales professionals collaboratively ever since, I certainly can.  The good news is though that there is a solution...and it’s within your reach. You CAN reclaim your time and become hyper-productive for yourself and your company once again. And, we’re prepared to tell you how.

According to my colleague and friend, bestselling author and sales expert Jill Konrath, the root cause of all the overwhelm for today’s sales professionals is the digital environment in which we work and live. In her newest book “More Sales, Less Time,” she purports that the human brain was never built to handle or process the constant distractions of an online world. The amygdala, a key section of the human brain, is responsible for scanning our environment and identifying any circumstances that may indicate danger.  When the amygdala uncovers something and sends the rest of the brain a signal, it gets a reward - dopamine, a very pleasurable and highly addictive hormone is released.

It makes sense. Whether we’re being “productive” in our professional roles or not, our brains are constantly looking for new environmental stimuli, no matter their implication, so that it can produce dopamine and provide us with a feelings of pleasure and happiness. To make matters even more challenging, the brain also distributes dopamine every time we accomplish a goal – even if it’s something minor.

For example, when we arrive at the office in the morning, we likely sit down at our desk and begin going through our emails. Perhaps we open a newsletter and click on link to an interesting industry study. When we are through reading it (dopamine hit), we are presented with another similar article link, so we follow that and read it (dopamine hit). Then, then, then....and down the rabbit hole we go. Before you know it, thirty minutes have passed and, while you’ve been “busy” the whole time, you’ve accomplished nothing of true value.

That’s why MapAnything has partnered with Jill Konrath to produce and present a four-part video series and webinar on how to increase sales productivity, with less time commitment.  And now that you know you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed and inefficient, and that your brain’s natural, physiological tendencies are the hurdle you need to overcome, we hope you’ll join us. During the 30-minute webinar, on Friday, December 1 at 2 p.m. EST, Jill Konrath and I will be discussing several sales productivity hacks that will help you free up 1-2 hours per day.


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Brian Bachofner
By: Brian Bachofner

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