Empowered with GPS, CEOs Can Amp Up Sales Output and Uncover New Revenues

A recent SBI report found that for business services and software firms, investment in sales employees represents an average expenditure of 20 percent or more of annual revenue. The write up explains that this single expense category can make or break the bottom line, yet firms often fail to leverage their core strategic investment to boost the productivity of their sales assets.

For CEOs, productivity, cost-cutting, and revenue pipelines are the name of the game, and since time is money, they grow frustrated when they see their massive sales and service teams unproductive.  

This aversion to wasted resources and low productivity is one of the main reasons CEOs are taking notice of sales and service technologies out on the marketplace today. In essence, they are looking to ensure their investments in sales headcount are being put to the best use.

Geo-productivity software (GPS)  is one of the technologies that has proven to drive maximum productivity from of sales teams, with minimum investment.  Geo-productivity software turns CRM and sales data into an interactive, visual, map-centric experience. It helps sales teams close more deals, by ensuring more quality meetings per day, optimizing rep assignments and interactions, and finding new leads and new opportunities for revenue.  

GPS enables reps to find new customers, and meet with more of the “right” customers, while reducing wasted time.  It does this by:  

  • Allowing field reps to visit more customers and prospects each day
  • Helping sales teams hold more quality meetings per day
  • Prioritizing daily visits via live, real-time data so reps spend more time with the most valuable prospects
  • Defining more productive territories based on location and proximity to customers
  • Automating Salesforce entries, which reduces wasted time
  • Optimizing rep assignments and territory plans for maximum revenue output
  • Identifying new leads in geographic areas
  • Discovering and monetizing new profitable workflows

Geo productivity software makes all of these benefits possible, and more.

Want to learn more about how to use GPS to to turn your sales teams into highly productive, revenue generating machines?

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Brian Bachofner
By: Brian Bachofner

CMO at MapAnything