Forbes’ Louis Columbus Gets Location of Things

Location of Things

Couldn’t agree more with Forbes’ Louis Columbus about the business benefits of Location Intelligence. His February 11th story showcases the trends and statistics that our enterprise customers have been sharing with us over the past few years.  Understanding the Location of Things (LoT), as we like to call it, is essential to knowing how many field reps you need, where they need to be to meet with your customers, tracking their progress and outcomes, and improving overall business performance.  

Columbus cited some interesting statistics from Dresner Advisory Services’ 2018 Location Intelligence Market Study.  Interestingly, 66% of enterprises rank location intelligence as critical or very important to their revenue growth strategies.  Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale industries are particularly focused on LoC.  This is exactly what we’re finding in our customer base.

With MapAnything Guide, our customers are tackling some of the most challenging growth and customer service objectives by meeting more customers and prospects, more efficiently than ever.  Every stop matters. Effective route planning adds an average of 13% more stops per vehicle per day. We’re able to help field organizations make more stops, in less time, and do more along the way.  Beating congestion can also save millions in fuel costs and wear and tear on vehicles that idle in traffic.  

Finally, using MapAnything, teams of field service and sales professionals are able to optimize routes and schedules across multiple days, and multiple geographies, even when considering variables such as time of day or meeting constraints.  

We are truly excited about the technical advancements in optimized routing for our customers, and for enterprises everywhere.  As customers demand more face time, and field teams are required to travel farther, through more congested streets, intelligent routing can be a key to unlocking greater ROI the team and the vehicles they depend on. But, the real opportunity is greater sales and faster revenue growth by optimizing time with the right customers.  


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John Stewart
By: John Stewart
CEO at MapAnything