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Field Service in 2018

MapAnything CEO John Stewart, announced earlier this year, the start of our new, strategic partnership with ServiceMax, a GE Digital Company.   We are excited to reveal that our integration with the ServiceMax environment is now complete. With it,  you can take your FSM data, housed within ServiceMax, and visualize it on MapAnything’s map-based Location-of-Things platform.

As consumer expectations continue to drive toward an on-demand experience, leading field service teams are experiencing this same shift with their own client bases. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Rover,  and more have given consumers an opportunity to get items like food, a ride, and even dog walkers on-demand. This rise in expectations, matched with a greater number of options, will affect field service teams across all industries - from telecommunications to life sciences, manufacturing to mining.


What does our integration with ServiceMax mean for you?

Visualize your entire field service operations

Visualize your entire field service operations from an interactive map-centric interface.

  • Easily view where you reps are at any time
  • Reroute and assign work orders with the click of a button
  • Schedule based on priority and skill set to ensure you respond quickly and efficiently.
Maintain a 360 degree view of your field service fleet

Maintain a 360 degree view of your field service fleet with geolocation capabilities.

  • Track vehicles and assets using live location geocoding
  • Monitor driver behavior to ensure safety
  • Proactively maintain vehicles via alerts and notifications
Reduce overall TCO with fully optimized routes

Reduce overall TCO with fully optimized routes.

  • Automate key processes like check-in and check-out via geo-coding capabilities
  • Spend more time with customers and less time navigating to the next location
  • Optimize routes to reduce fuel costs and wasted idle time
Integrate with third party systems like Esri ArcGIS

Integrate with third party systems like Esri ArcGIS.

  • View utility lines and neighboring affected areas to provide detailed communication to customers.
  • Pinpoint the exact location of an outage or affected area.


We envision a world where field teams can maintain a real-time view into their field operations, where dispatch teams can react to live situations based on the technician availability and location, where businesses can manage complex schedules with moving elements, and where customers can receive the best possible experience to drive loyalty and satisfaction.  By bringing our services into ServiceMax, we’re able to make that happen today for customers like USS, Kinetico, and Zip Industries.

When we were evaluating Field Service Management solutions for our fleet supporting over 1,500 Service Technicians, we wanted a solution that could manage all of our complex variables in the field and optimize our service routes efficiently. The ability to have real-time visibility into our on-road technicians and reroute based on new service orders will provide greater service quality to our customers.
Ron Carapezzi

Learn more about how ServiceMax and MapAnything can set fire to your field service goals below.

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Brian Bachofner

By: Brian Bachofner
Chief Marketing Officer at MapAnything

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