GeoFitness Strategies to Drive Last Quarter Wins

Winning Ways to be GeoFit

Heading into the end of year crunch, field sales and service reps must maximize every hour for the greatest return.  A successful end-of-year push is a team sport, and all players need to be fit, and ready to take on the challenge ahead.  Geo-Productivity Software (GPS) can help all the players on the team become geofit.  Consider the following plays as you build your game plan for success:


Head Coach: Sales VP –

According to research by MPI International¹, face-to-meetings can get you to “yes” 50% faster in negotiated transactions.  Ensuring that field sales and service reps use every available hour to get in front of customers is paramount, especially with end of year deadlines fast approaching.  Implementing GPS uses data contained in CRM to automatically prioritize customer visits based on likelihood of closing and deal stage, and automatically updates CRM when these meetings take place, all from the map-based interface on the teams’ smartphones.   Additionally, reps reduce windshield time through route optimization and geo-mapping of all scheduled meetings.   


Client Success Captain: VP of Customer Service –

The last quarter is also the time that customer service and satisfaction professionals focus on existing customers to find up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.  Additionally, customer satisfaction is key to growing revenues in future quarters.  According to Salesforce Research, reducing customer defection by just 5% can increase profit from 25%-80%². For field service reps, now is the time to get geo-fit by prioritizing customer visits and securing end-of year deals before budgets disappear for 2017.  



Special Teams: Field Sales Rep –

The average cost of a field service visit is $276, according to SFT Research³. In addition, MapAnything surveyed Field Sales Leaders, and discovered that 40% list cost containment as their number one priority.  Still, the Field Sales Rep is chartered to make the number and meet customer expectations.  Smart Field Sales reps get Geo-Fit by leveraging CRM data on-the-go through Geo-Productivity Software.  With optimized schedules, routes and all necessary information to solve customer problems available through the map-based interface, reps can ensure that every customer is productive and profitable. 



Sideline Coach: VP of Marketing or CRO –

Today, 97% of marketers say that Account Based Marketing (ABM), delivers higher ROI than all other marketing methodsā“.  But ABM requires focused interactions including Face-to-Face meetings. As marketers focus on account-based lead generation programs, they fill CRM with essential data that can be critical to winning those significant year-end deals. This data, when made available through GPS software, puts the information and tools in the hands of reps as they conduct important end-of-the year sales calls.


No matter how what position you play, all members of the field sales and service team are more successful as they apply geofitness techniques to their last quarter plays. 


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Brian Bachofner
By: Brian Bachofner

CMO at MapAnything

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