#GeoProductivity Demands Mobile Readiness

What does your geo-productive health look like? How do you become geo-productive?


By: Retta Barkley, Client Success Manager, Training

It all starts with MapAnything Mobile. I recently created four new how-to videos on how to utilize MapAnything Mobile to ensure your success on the go.

Here is a brief overview of New Mobile Features:


How To - New Mobile (Saved Layer + List View):

If you’re on the road and need to plan a new route based on prospects in the area...create a new route from your mobile device. Here’s how:

How To - New Mobile - Routes (How to Create):

To access that route after you have created it, follow along with me!

How To - New Mobile - Routes (Accessing a Saved Route):

When you get to a location, don’t worry about checking the time, simply “Check In” from your mobile device and when your appointment has ended “Check Out” to ensure you have the correct notes in Salesforce.

How To - New Mobile - Check In & Check Out (Custom Disposition):

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