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Pendo quickly realized MapAnything’s potential to get their software in front of more businesses

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This is the third blog in our “Back to Basics” series, highlighting features, benefits and use cases for MapAnything’s Geo-Productivity Software.

In an industry where efficient use of time and resources is paramount, Pendo is leading the pack. A leading product engagement platform, Pendo’s primary goal is to help companies better understand what truly drives their product’s success. Their platform helps businesses determine how their customers interact with their product while capturing behavior data for future product growth. Pendo then displays this data in an easy-to-use dashboard so businesses can encourage positive product interaction, increase their NPS scores, and ultimately produce a superior product.

Pendo was on a fast-track to success, but there was one problem - successfully generating, storing, and utilizing leads from a new wave of sponsored events and territory expansions. At that point, Pendo was not fully capitalizing on potential client meetings and realized the solution they needed in order to collect and nurture as many leads as possible while traveling was some kind of mapping solution.

That’s where MapAnything came in.

“When we we began our search for the right mapping tool, MapAnything was naturally one of our first considerations. We conducted a precursory evaluation of apps across the marketplace, but found that since we wanted a solution that could easily integrate with our Salesforce, the best choice was MapAnything.”

Chas Scarantino, VP of Sales at Pendo

With MapAnything, Pendo was able to reach their goals, set new ones, and continually exceed those as well. With MapAnything, Pendo was able to realize their complete geographic impact and identify areas of immense opportunity to devise well-informed expansion plans.

Check out their story below!

How did MapAnything help Pendo?

Comprehensive Territory Planning

By utilizing MapAnything’s core mapping software, Pendo was able to better visualize their largest new business pockets within any given territory, which areas needed more development and fortification, and where their current customers were in this mix in order to promote higher customer satisfaction.

Effective Lead Generation

When Pendo attends conferences and events, or plans a sales saturation in a given area, they are able to maximize their customer meetings with MapAnything Guide. Optimized routing for sales calls ensures the Pendo Sales Team brings in a substantial amount of pre-qualified leads.

Significant Time Savings

MapAnything has allowed the Pendo teams to do their jobs more efficiently which has afforded tremendous time savings. With automated processes and mass action capabilities right from the map, Pendo has been able to accomplish increased revenue in less time.

All-in-all, when technology companies with a highly sought-after product arm themselves and their teams with geo-productivity, growth happens.

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