How to convince your boss you need new technology

How to Convince Your Boss to Get New Technology

It's one of life's conundrums... you know you need a new piece of technology (how much it costs, how many people will benefit from it, etc.), but how do you convince your boss that it's necessary?

We have the perfect strategy.


#1 Think about it from your boss's perspective

Chances are, your boss operates on a budget and would likely have finance breathing down his or her neck with a large investment. So, think about it from your boss's perspective. What does your boss need in order to get the investment approved by finance? It takes two to tango (well, three including you), so put some real ROI behind the investment.

MapAnything Example:
The easiest way you can show your boss actual ROI is through customer satisfaction. According to a recent VoxWare study, 55% of customers would stop using a company’s products after just two or three late deliveries.

Let's keep it simple and say your fleet of 20 vehicles is late to two deliveries for each of your 100 customers in a given year.

Our Starter Pack ($195 per month for up to 5 licenses) plus MapAnything Live ($39 per month per vehicel) comes out to $11,790.

Let's say your customers are each valued at $1,000. Now, you lose 55 of those customers; meaning you lost $55,000 throughout the course of a year.

By investing just over $11,000, you could have saved that $55,000. Seems like a no brainer right?

“Customer experience is the last source of sustainable differentiation and the new competitive battleground.” - Tiffani Bova, Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst


#2 Determine the who's who and the what's what

If the technology is only going to help you, then you've got some kahunas asking for a single-use software upgrade. We are guessing that you won't be the only one using the new technology you are eyeing... so figure out who's who and what's what.

Who can use MapAnything and in what capacity?
If you're in sales, you can of course use MapAnything. But did you know your marketing team can also use our technology? We have tons of data (over 12 million US businesses with 100 data points each... #nbd) which marketing teams can tap into in order to execute targeted, multi-channel campaigns. Your service team can also use MapAnything for effective dispatching, communication to customers, live tracking, easy rerouting, etc.

FORTUNE 100 FINANCIAL SERVICES FIRM - Surveyed 100 Users in Differing Departments
- 96% said MapAnything was relevant or very relevant to their job
- 78% said the saved at least 3 hours of planning per week
- 70% said they gained at least 3 more qualified meetings per week

#3 Come bearing proof

Luckily for you, we've developed a big list of customer case studies which you can access here. Bookmark them, print them, email them slyly every now and then with the subject line of *hint hint*...your call. 

“So a typical day, I'm going to have a route already planned from the night before. I'm going to be hitting key accounts that I scheduled meetings for and absolutely have the ability to hit more stops. If I'm sitting down, eating lunch, I can search how many Goodyear accounts are around me, how many dealerships are around me using the points of interest functions, and I'll absolutely make my time more efficient when I'm scouting for new business.” - Aaron Haley, Regional Account Manager, Valvoline

#4 Blaze new trails (and cover up the old ones)

Unless you're some obscure company where customers can ONLY come to you for your service or any comparable service, more than likely, you've got some competitors. As over-simplified as it sounds, being the frontrunner of technology in your industry is what is going to set you apart.

If you're worried about blazing new trails on your own, you don't have to be! Check out our Back-to-Basics blog series which discusses how to address any concerns, training programs, and more.

Check out the series here.

What's your pitch when your boss asks if you can lead the effort? “Yep! I sure can. MapAnything has armed me with everything I need to make sure we are smooth sailin'.” Then never send him this article so you can claim all the glory.

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Jill Koskosky

By: Jill Koskosky
Product Marketing Manager at MapAnything

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