How does your sales strategy stack up against our #GeoFitness Checklist?

It’s time to level up! While your sales team may already have several effective processes and helpful resources in place, there’s likely still room for improvement when it comes to your reps’ efficiency and output. After all, sales is first and foremost a numbers game, and nothing has a greater impact on numbers than one’s GeoFitness level.


What exactly is GeoFitness?

GeoFitness Defined

Is Your Sales Approach GeoFit?

GeoFitness Checklist

Whether you feel completely confident in your sales teams’ current GeoFitness level or you feel like it’s time for them to hit the treadmill, we’ve got a plan to help ensure you achieve, and maintain, success!

Stay tuned for more GeoFitness challenges, updates and tips that will help you ensure your maximizing your personal and team geo-productivity. In the meantime, check out our latest client success story to see how Axia Fibre is keeping geofit!


Axia Success Story >>

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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything

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