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In our recent post, “Autumn is the Start of Closing Season” we outline the benefits of Geo-Prioritization in attacking sales deals that are most likely to close before the year-end.  Sounds pretty simple right?  

But let’s consider the following points:

  • There’s been a 66% increase in sales people struggling to find information in CRM - Bluewolf State of Salesforce report 2017
  • 78% of companies still aren’t using Mobile CRM, making it more difficult for their reps to access relevant data and insights when in the field
  • An average rep spends around 8 hours a week selling.  What do you think they’re doing with the other 32+ hours?  Research, logging calls, mileage reporting, etc. NOT selling.

So what can we do to remedy these obstacles?  Simple.  Give them a Salesforce experience that mimics their apps like Waze or Yelp.    


Step 1:   Start with the big picture

The first step for any seller is to get an accurate roll-up of his/her patch.  What is the total potential, the product-mix, and concentration by location? With MapAnything, you can roll up any object in Salesforce to give you the 30,000 foot view of your patch -  average spend per client, number of products per client, etc.  Take a look at the video below to learn more about managing territories in MapAnything.

Step 2: Plan your attack

Now that you understand where your best path to success lies, it’s time to map out your plan.  Using Dynamic Filters, you can color code your accounts, leads, and opportunities to tell you what’s been neglected and who needs a visit.

For example, let’s say we’re running a promotion or spiff for our sales team.  I want to look for clients that make me eligible for that spiff and then prioritize them by the likelihood of closing.  Using Two Field Markers, I can arrange my accounts to tell me who is eligible using a label, and then who is the “best fit” by using a color.  

Head over to our support page to learn more about creating dynamic marker layers.

Customers with Fleets


Step 3: Have a plan B

You have your plan, booked your travel and activated your out of office reply, only to get a meeting cancellation while in route.  What now?  The average sales call costs around $276, because we don’t maximize our time in the territory.  

Make sure to save your most common Marker layers and routes so you can easily access them on your Salesforce or MapAnything standalone apps.  Using your live location, you can pinpoint nearby customers or prospects and schedule some drop-in appointments to fill your day.  If you’re time constrained, use a Travel Time Boundary to show you how far you can drive and maximize the number of visits while on the road.

Travel Time.png


Follow these three steps and you’ll be on your way to being a GeoFit professional with MapAnything.  For more on GeoFitness for Sales or Service, head over to to learn more.

Brian Bachofner
By: Brian Bachofner

CMO at MapAnything

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