How to convince your boss to let you go to…

San Francisco this September! Attend Dreamforce 2012 with the Cloudbilt Team.

This is not a vacation! This is an unparalleled business opportunity. A proven, revenue-generating, productivity-enhancing, cost-reducing phenomenon!

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Win you boss over with these findings from last year’s survey…and get approval for your trip today!

In a survey of last year’s Dreamforce attendees, 96% said the improvements to their business and profit, far outweighed the costs of attending!

  • 26% of companies saw an increase in sales revenue
  • 26% saw an increase in lead conversion rate
  • 30% saw an increase in sales productivity
  • 34% saw an increase in lead volume
  • 33% saw an increase in agent productivity
  • 28% saw an increase in customer satisfaction
  • 24% saw a decrease in service/support cost
  • 31% saw improvement in employee productivity
  • 53% faster deployment
  • 33% saw a decrease in IT cost

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be able to say the same about your company this year.

Stop by Booth 32 to meet with Cloudbilt’s developers and to enter to win a BAR OF GOLD!

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