If Visualizing Close By Records is Your Challenge, Then MapAnything Nearby is Your Answer

MapAnything Nearby

MAU 301 Course | 10/11/17 - Download the Recording

During the course, we drilled into the specifics on “Leveraging MapAnything Nearby for Quick Visualization of Closely Located Records.” Nearby is a quick, easy-to-use tool that translates into huge time savings for MapAnything customers. 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed quick access to and visibility of nearby accounts in Salesforce? Especially, when a time-sensitive challenge arises? Several times now, clients’ have relayed to me the extreme stress that these types of situations often produce.

For example, on a recent call, one of my clients Susan, answered an incoming call that she soon figured out would need to be escalated to her support team. In this circumstance, Susan did not have time to access MapAnything, locate the corresponding layer and plot it. She needed to identify, absorb and relay as much high level information as possible, regarding the account in question, so she could deliver a full case analysis to her support team as efficiently as possible. Lucky for Susan, this ability was right at her fingertips, and all she needed was some quick training on how to access and utilize it.  

All MapAnything customers have the ability to activate the MapAnything Nearby feature. With Nearby, you can  embed a simplified MapAnything map within a Salesforce page!  And the best part is, when you install MapAnything, the Nearby feature has several pre-built maps for you to work with, or you can create your own custom Nearby Maps. They work with the standard Salesforce base objects, and even with your custom base objects!

During the MAU 301 course, on October 11 , we went over common use cases like Susan’s, went through a demo of the Nearby feature as well as reviewed all the time-saving possibilities it provides to MapAnything customers.  Catch all the tips and tricks by downloading the recording of it today!

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Shayla Brierre
By: Shayla Brierre

Client Success Manager at MapAnything

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