It’s 2018 And The Mapateers Are More Excited Than Ever

Growth. A word that has an infinite number of definitions, contexts and characterizations. It can be used to define the physical and financial expansion of an organization. But it can also be used to describe the advancement of a teammate’s skills, and by extension, the confidence he or she has in their capabilities. It can be material or abstract. Monumental or incremental. Regardless, all forms of growth can be considered a positive step in the right direction and an opportunity for celebration. And, no matter the definition or criteria applied, 2017 was year of tremendous growth for MapAnything!

Our team has grown, our brand has grown, our collective impact has grown and our customer’s success has grown. Don't believe me? Here’s what some of our employees had to say as they reminisced about 2017 and shared their hopes for 2018.


Our company has grown.

“MapAnything has grown in every way I can possibly think. I think we’re getting near to 200 employees. I think the most impressive thing is how we’ve grown, creatively and professionally. We’ve got a lot of people that came here young. It’s given a lot of people careers and I don’t think they even expected it coming here. But we’ve got enough intelligent people here that that just kind of happens.”  - Kevin Matthews, GIS Manager

“Even specifically on my team, on Client Success. When I first started, I believe there were just four of us, and now we’re are divided into very specific teams. - Kristen Palmer, Client Success Manager

“MapAnything is just this awesome place, where no matter who leaves or who comes it always has the right people! Always great people!” - Noah Parrish, Mid Market Account Executive

“I would love for us to continue to grow as we continue to bring on more products, as we add more functionality. But I am very excited to see where we are now.”  - Sharon Lathan, QA Manager


Dreamforce has grown.

“I think the most memorable launch this year would have to be Dreamforce, this year. Seeing the truck out there. We had an awesome experience in 2016, but 2017 just took everything to next level. You never turned around without seeing something MapAnything, which is exciting .  And then of course everyone knows who we are now and they always mention it to you. So just a lot of pride in that.” - Noah Parrish, Mid Market Account Executive


Our customer’s success has grown.

“I would say the main reason why I love MapAnything is that it’s a really easy tool to be able to see what you’re doing and where you’re doing it.” Young Audiences Arts for Learning, Oregon and SW Washington

“We responded to over 97% of all of our cases within our agree time scales. We answered just over 96% of all of our calls. In the old world that would have never have happened, but with Salesforce and MapAnything, it did! “ - East Sussex Highways

“ Knowing that we have the capacity to grow to the other areas we service, knowing that MapAnything is a global player and can map us made us feel confident so that we were able to scale our model to locations in the US and Singapore, or France, or anywhere else we might end up.“ - Axia


Our community outreach has grown.

“It feels good that Mapanything is really dedicated to helping people in our community and just understanding what they did and us being able to go during work hours. To be able to do that and extend a helping hand is a really great thing to be a part of.” - Sharon Lathan, QA Manager

“Continue engaging in the 1% guys. It’s so exciting to have the opportunity to give back to our community through work, and not even on your own personal time. It’s something that I am really proud of.” - Noah Parrish, Mid Market Account Executive


Our sense of family has grown.

“Here, I have always felt valued, People feel like the role that we play is very important, so that’s great for me!” - Sharon Lathan, QA Manager


Here’s to many more opportunities for growth in 2018! We’re ready to tackle them all and make an even bigger difference. Stay tuned.

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By: MapAnything Marketing 

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