A Lesson In Field Sales Combat - Make Sure You’ve Got Geo-Productivity in Your Arsenal

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Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s important to eat your own dog food?" Having spent my entire career in sales, I am certainly familiar with it. Although my personal preference is a slightly different version, with a more festive flair - "it’s important to drink your own champagne." All things aside, the same general notion is meant to be conveyed. For sales reps to be successful in their roles at any company, it is vital that they fully understand the benefits of the product they sell and believe in its impact. This alignment must be achieved before any real strategy can be executed upon.

Once this alignment is attained, each day presents an opportunity for sales reps to explore their creativity and find new ways to manage and attack their territory. Last Wednesday (May 17), here at MapAnything, was no exception.  Let me walk you through how I developed my plan for the day and ultimately met with success.

Although my primary role is, and has always been, in sales, I am oftentimes called upon to execute marketing tasks as well. The scenario I am describing here involved my development of a targeted strategy to market MapAnything in a specific portion of my assigned territory. Seems like a pretty simple project, but in reality, it can be rather challenging.

In today’s world with intricate spam filters and ever-evolving caller ID, getting your marketing and sales messages to your target audience can be difficult. Luckily, I already had my basic approach figured out.  I was going to drive to my prospective clients bricks and mortar office, ask to speak with them upon my arrival and leave a special gift. Of course, I also knew I would need to leave some sort of information sheet, as well as my contact information. Sometimes a more grassroots-oriented, tactical strategy becomes necessary to break through the clutter and stay top of mind.

So, I had my formula, I just needed to decide on the specifics. Ultimately, I determined I wanted to deliver gourmet cupcakes, with MapAnything logos on top, to my prospective customers in the Charlotte area. But where to start? I needed a well-thought-out, step-by-step strategy. This is what I came up with and I couldn’t have been half as efficient as I was without the help of MapAnything.

Step One: Identify My Target Prospects

I created a query in MapAnything to allow me to visualize only my prospective customers, owned by me, in my Salesforce org.

I then plotted them on my map in MapAnything.

Step Two: Define My Target Area

I needed to find a way zero in on my prospects in the Charlotte area, my assigned territory. I wanted to cover the outskirts of Charlotte into Fort Mill, Concord, and all of the surrounding areas, as well. I knew filtering off just the city field itself would have taken an extraordinary amount of time. So, instead, I created a boundary radius, taking into account a 30-minute drive time, from the MapAnything headquarters, which are located in Charlotte. This helped define my target area.

Step Three: Order the MapAnything Cupcakes

Now this was the easiest step. Although I don’t like to admit it, I’m a pro at ordering pretty much any and every baked good available. My sweet tooth demands it. So I picked my favorite local bakery and placed the order.

Step Four: Decipher and Optimize My Delivery Route

How was I going to figure out the best way to distribute all my cupcakes? MapAnything’s routing capabilities are perhaps, the most important and effective time saver at my disposal. So, I added all of my target prospects to my route.

After I added all of them, I optimized the route, and set my start and end points.

MapAnything factored in all 40 of my stops. I set my route criteria to allow for 15 minutes per location, in order to create a holistic view of my delivery day and overall time required.

Step Five: Deliver the MapAnything Cupcakes

As a tech-driven millennial, the thought of having to print off my route and manage navigating to each address manually seemed like a huge waste of time! I found myself saying, “there’s got to be an app for that!” And luckily, there was. MapAnything also has a mobile application, housed on the Salesforce1 platform.

Equipped with MapAnything and it’s geo-productivity enhancing features, I made it to all my stops, delivered all my cupcakes and hopefully made a memorable impression on all of my prospective clients. I guess I’ll find out for sure in the next few days!

This is just one example of how geo-productivity is changing the landscape of sales. I invite you to learn more about geo-productivity and how it is being leveraged in today’s marketplace, by downloading our eBook, “Geo-Productivity Software: A New Paradigm for Driving Field Results.” It’s an exciting time to be in sales and I look forward to helping more and more clients discover just how transformative MapAnything and geo-productivity can be.  

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Tyler Reboulet
By: Tyler Reboulet

General Business Account Executive at MapAnything