Limited Time to Make Your 2018 Sales Number: How to Prioritize and Win

Make Your 2018 Sales Number

This time of the year most sales leaders and reps are starting to focus on the details of how to make the number.  There are a lot of strategies and a lot of technologies that promise to help you.  But for me, it’s time to focus on the fundamentals: focusing on the right customers, seeing them at the right time, and ensuring that you’re not wasting time as the quarter ticks away and leveraging the tools that are helpful to your success.


To finish strong, I like to create a four-step plan:

  • Design a crystal-clear plan about how you’ll meet your number (and therefore your personal income goal).  Do you know how much you have to sell, and what that means to you personally without looking at your notes? You should. By now you should have a specific list of accounts, their value, and how much pipeline you need to accomplish your goals.  Be exact.  Name the opportunities that are “must win” and the ones that are “gravy”.  Know the value of each one, and how much it contributes to meeting your goal and to your year-end bonus.


  • Call your biggest clients first.  Select the top 20%-30% of your existing clients that are going to make up 80% of your number. Determine the opportunity to upsell within these accounts, offer them a new product, or leverage them for a reference. Using MapAnything, you can easily generate a list of the most valuable clients, their likelihood of closing, and build a schedule to call on them efficiently.  Set appointments and build a plan of attack for each of these prioritized clients.   With clear focus on “A” clients, you’ll find that many of them close by December 31. 


  • Call your “A” list prospects next Using data within Salesforce, you can slot in “A” level prospects as you travel through your territory.  Build them into your MapAnything schedule using their score in Salesforce, and your own history working the account.  Use your greatest customer success stories as credibility builders as you touch these customers and find ways to show how your product helps them meet their year-end goals.


  • Reach beyond the A list to touch the B list. With a clear view of accounts and prospects that represent your road to the goal, find prospects that are warm, but not hot. Maybe slightly lower Salesforce scores. Approach them with offers and benefits that help them meet their goals.  While a small percentage of these may close within the quarter, these represent the A list for Q1.  Using MapAnything, you can easily slot in “B” level prospects without taking too much time away from the “A” list this quarter.  Once you reach the last 30 days of the quarter, put “B” list prospecting on hold to focus on getting the “A” s across the finish line. 


Like all things in sales, its useful to leverage data to tell you where to focus, how to approach the prospect, and the most efficient route and schedule to reach them.  Envision yourself winning and spending that fat commission check coming early January.  For now, let the data guide you and focus on the opportunities that are going to take you there fastest.


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Brian Bachofner

By: Brian Bachofner
Chief Marketing Officer at MapAnything