Location Insights Transform Field Productivity Potential in the Retail Space

Geo-Productivity in the Retail Industry

This is the second blog in our “Back to Basics” series, highlighting features, benefits and use cases for MapAnything’s Geo-Productivity Software.    

“Where Matters” in every industry, but especially in Retail! Whether a retailer is looking to determine where the majority of their customers reside, where they should open a new store and/or how closely their competitors conduct operations, data visualization on a map is key to understanding the whole picture. Obscure lists in spreadsheets just simply can’t get the job done anymore.

By plotting their data on map, retailers can streamline execution & merchandising operations while increasing their overall geo-productivity and enabling their teams to spend more time on site and less time on the road. And if geo-productivity is the aspiration, then MapAnything is the vessel of delivery.

“As a result of MapAnything, I get more face-time with my clients, accounts and leads. I never have to worry that anyone has been overlooked. I have everything right in front of me so my time in the field is as efficient and productive as possible!”  - Sales Rep | Legion Brewing

When Geo-Productivity Software is added to one’s retail strategy, the whole team can thrive. Both field reps and their managers are empowered with easy-to-use technology that allows them to:

  • Schedule More Stops - Get the most out of each day with route planning & optimization. Quickly fill schedule gaps & deploy teams where needed.
  • Optimize Territories & Coverage - Ensure that enough sales & operations team members are staffed in each territory so that all retail sites are covered.
  • Manage Deliveries & Meet SLAs - Plan delivery routes to meet business & customer needs consistently. Build & assign routes and provide accurate ETAs to customers.

In the case of Axia Fibre, an international fibre internet service provider, not only did MapAnything allow them to ensure optimum sales coverage in all major territories but also the opportunity to increase their daily sales target of "doors knocked on per rep" from 30 to 50. Check out their story!

All-in-all, when retailers arm themselves and their teams with geo-productivity, the financial and  implications are significant. Tap into geo-productivity for your organization by scheduling a demo or starting a free trial of MapAnything today!

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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything