Make sure your Pre-Dreamforce Checklist is complete!

With Dreamforce only days away it is essential to ensure your team is prepared with all the materials and information they need to be successful!

Helpful Preparation Tips: We loved these ideas and have incorporated them into Cloudbilt’s preparation efforts this week.


#1 Create an itinerary for your attendees.

That way you can grantee that everyone will be on the same page. A good place to start is the creation of a daily schedule that designates each team member’s responsibilities and time commitments for the entire trip. This should outline when and who will operate your company’s booth, which sessions each person is expected to attend (if applicable), group events, meal times, etc. In addition, flight times, hotel accommodations and individual attendee contact information should also be incorporated.


#2 Verify all reservations.

It may seem tedious but verification now will eliminate any potential headaches that could occur later. Also, consider obtaining written confirmation for all your trade show related orders and remember to take them with you, just as a backup.


#3 Establish clear and concise objectives and goals for the trade show.

This will allow you to measure your success once you get back to work afterwards. Whether it is your goal to generate a specific number of leads, or to simply collect information about exhibitor’s products and services, it is important for your team to understand and commit to making your attendance as beneficial as possible.


#4 Build an observation template for your attendees to use during the trade show.

Establishing a consistent approach early on, designating how your attendees will take notes and record observations will make them easier to review later on. Also, the template will suggest the most important information for your attendees to collect, ensuring that only valuable data is captured.


#5 Develop a Post-Dreamforce strategy.

Upon your teams return from Dreamforce you will likely need to filter through and score the leads you have obtained. Determining a strategy and plan for that now will allow you and your team more time to contact and address each lead, lending to higher conversion rates. Also, as it never to early to start planning for next year’s Dreamforce, create a timeline for the tasks you wish to accomplish and execute for Dreamforce 2013 so your team has an idea of the direction the company wishes to go.

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Invest time now to have more time later.

Although these ideas may take some time to execute and compile, a well-organized itinerary and plan will yield an optimum Dreamforce ROI for your company!