Make Your Numbers Each Quarter AND Spend Less Time Doing It

Back to Basics

This is the first blog in our “Back to Basics” series, highlighting the features, benefits and use cases for MapAnything’s Geo-Productivity Software.    

Whether you’re part of the field sales or the field service team at your company, the end goal is the same: make as many visits as possible, in the least amount of time, while meeting or surpassing your quarterly goals. The charge is simple. The execution however, can be cumbersome without the right tools. That’s where Geo-Productivity Software comes in.

Utilizing location-based insights in Salesforce, MapAnything empowers field reps and technicians with real-time, actionable data, on the go. Plus, with the MapAnything Mobile app, reps can make CRM updates while in the field, decreasing the time they have to dedicate to administration tasks each day and increasing time available to sell and service.

Specifically, MapAnything’s POI Search functionality and Click2Create feature help field reps and technicians substantially increase their output per day.

POI Search

POI Search Functionality

This capability enhances prospecting and lead generation opportunities for reps in the field, by allowing them take action on Google Point of Interest (POI) results.

Step-by-Step: Conduct a POI Search in MapAnything >>

Click2Create Feature  

Once MapAnything users generate Google POI prospects, they can then create new lead records for them in Salesforce directly from the map, via the Click2Create tool.

Step-by-Step: Using Click2Create >>


By adopting these time-saving tactics, you will be a more geo-productive individual, capable of creating a sustainable and lucrative pipeline. So not only will you be happy, you’re boss will be too!

Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything