The Map Mashup Showdown Returns on June 15

June Map Mashup

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Join us on Thursday, June 15, to be part of our live product demo competition!  Three new competitors will be showcasing three of our products, while providing new use cases and feature highlights.

The summer weather isn’t the only thing heating up right now! On Thursday, June 15, three new competitors will enter the MapAnything ring and only one will emerge a victor. You guessed it, our Map Mashup is back!

Let’s meet this edition’s competitors and introduce their chosen product!

Chris Heiden


Meet Chris Heiden

Enterprise Sales Engineer
Featured Product: MapAnything
Why did you choose MapAnything to showcase for the webinar?

I had a new use case come to my attention through a current client and I thought it would be a helpful and unique example to share. My hope is that it will offer attendees a better understanding of MapAnything’s unique capabilities.

Recently, I had a healthcare company reach out to me with questions about using MapAnything as an 'Uber' of sorts for their patients who need to travel to clinics for service. While some of the company’s patient pickups and travel routes were pre-planned, some travel demands occurred in a more real-time manner. With little or no notice, patients would need to get to a clinic as quickly as possible, and the company’s dispatcher would need to find a driver to assign, based on their current proximity to the patient. That’s where MapAnything came in. I look forward to showing you exactly how it worked during the webinar!

MapAnything Showcase

Ben Busser



Meet Ben Busser

Enterprise Solution Engineer
Featured Product: MapAnything Live
Why did you choose MapAnything Live to showcase for the webinar?

I believe MapAnything Live’s ability to collect and depict live field data is a true game changer for any organization with field-based employees. As a native Salesforce app, Live empowers and allows companies to retain and manage Salesforce as their single source of truth for internal and external data.

Live provides customers with unprecedented visibility into real time field conditions and situations. With it’s powerful tracking capabilities, managers can determine exactly "where"  their field reps are located, in real time, in relation to nearby jobs and work orders. This functionality is crucial when a company needs to quickly and efficiently locate and re-route a field tech to a nearby work-order. All-in-all, Live helps decrease time spent idle and allows fields techs to complete more work orders on a daily basis. I’m excited to delve deeper into this use case with you during the Map Mashup!

MapAnything Live Showcase

Jordan Goddard



Meet Jordan Goddard

SMB Solutions Engineer
Featured Product: MapAnything Data
Why did you choose MapAnything Data to showcase for the webinar?

This is my go to MapAnything product because I have seen first-hand the incredible impact Data can have on increasing a company’s efficiency and by extension their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

During my presentation, I’ll be portraying a Florida based roofing company that offers shingle repair & replacement to homes and businesses after storm damage in an area prone to hurricanes. I can’t wait to demonstrate to attendees exactly how MapAnything Data accelerates productivity during the webinar on June 15!

MapAnything Data Showcase

With three amazing products, with equally compelling use cases, this is sure to be one action-packed competition! Make sure to reserve your front row seat today.

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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything

Map Mashup Webinar Series:

Held quarterly, our Map Mashup Webinar series is a fun and competitive way for our Solution Engineers to showcase new and exciting features/products of MapAnything. This is how it works. First we choose three competitors and then each competitor chooses a MapAnything feature/product they would like to present on (in 5 mins or less). Next comes the live competition (or presentations), after which the audience votes and chooses a winner!