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Yesterday we announced MapAnything’s expansion to the ServiceNow platform! This offering has been many months in the making and is one we are incredibly proud to extend to the service-based business community.  Equipped with MapAnything, ServiceNow users will have the opportunity to visualize their data on an interactive map, ascertain actionable insights and drive efficiency, all from within the platform itself.


How it All Started

As an organization, we first became interested in the ServiceNow ecosystem because of their amazing growth as an Enterprise SaaS provider and the sheer power of their platform.  They are a dominant player in the Service Management space and we felt a natural synergy between our "where" products and the capabilities of their platform.  There existed a clear opportunity in their ecosystem, to help Service Management organizations of all sizes, understand where their business is and where it needs to be.

Earlier this year, ServiceNow participated in our Series B financing and become a key part of our growth strategy.  Their investment in MapAnything was integral in fueling the R&D and go-to-market teams necessary to getting our "where" products into their marketplace.  Now that we have published our first MapAnything application on the ServiceNow Store and we plan to both continue its development and aggressively build additional features over the next 12-18 months.  


Leveraging the Power of “Where” in ServiceNow

Before MapAnything, data visualization in ServiceNow was rather limited and often times required the help of a System Admin to execute. Time inefficiencies and partially-informed geographic conclusions were common byproducts. These key challenges are what directly informed the overall solution MapAnything was determined to provide.

At its core, MapAnything is a geo-productivity solution.  Therefore, it was essential that we provide all users, not just admins, with the capability to build powerful maps to learn where their business is. Deep data analysis is also now a possibility for users with map layer customization. In addition, field agents can access the app on their phones and gain instant insight into nearby customers and real-time requests submitted. The use cases and benefits are virtually endless!


MapAnything is the App for You

Here are just a few examples of how MapAnything can help boost your business.


The key component in most HR functions is to ensure the health, productivity and contentment of personnel across an organization. MapAnything facilitates HR professionals by allowing them to plot all personnel cases on a map, gain a comprehensive understanding of where all cases are located, and to identify where the closest resources reside.

Field Service

A primary focus of Field Service Management is to efficiently monitor Work Orders and ensure they are assigned to the right people, who can complete them as quickly as possible. MapAnything enables this crucial task to be executed more effectively by providing managers with the ability to track all work orders on a map, identify which ones may be may have issues, and assign the closest agent for resolution.

ITSM (IT Service Management)

In ITSM, one of the most essential tasks is the ability to quickly identify impacts of an outage and take appropriate action. With MapAnything, IT personnel are able to visualize the impacted area within minutes and then prioritize service accordingly, based on degree of impact.

Asset Management

On an asset management team, it is vital that all company-owned objects and things are accounted for and functioning properly. When accompanied by the ServiceNow Facilities Management app, MapAnything can assist with the rapid identification of a failing server. As a result, it is likely the failure could be addressed and corrected before the next meeting is held in a conference room that is dependant on that server.

MapAnything’s uses are as versatile as its capabilities! We look forward to working with our clients on defining many more in the future and sharing them with the whole ServiceNow marketplace.


See You at Knowledge17

Yesterday’s timing for our official entrance into the ServiceNow community and platform was definitely strategic, as the Knowledge17 conference kicks off this Sunday, May 7, and we can’t wait. This year we are proud to be a Silver sponsor and look forward to sharing MapAnything’s potential and benefits with all attendees.

Specifically, on Tuesday, May 9, from 3:35 - 3:50 PM, we will be leading a session called, “Where Matters - Unleash Geo-Productivity within ServiceNow.” We would love for you to join us and hear first-hand about the product, from the lead developer on the project, Travis Toulson and MapAnything CPO, Tom DiVittorio. He will be discussing and demoing the ways in which MapAnything can expedite productivity for service-based companies.


We are excited to be embarking on this new endeavor and look forward to helping service-based companies visualize their data, become geo-productive and maximize their revenue. See you at Knowledge17!

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Courtney Carter, Product Manager
By: Courtney Carter

Product Manager at MapAnything