MapAnything Helps Industrial Printing Powerhouse Grab Market Share

Industrial printers aren’t the type of thing most of us talk about in our daily lives. Yet perhaps they should be because the market is huge. Nearly all of the objects surrounding us have been touched by industrial printers somewhere in their production cycle, meaning ink or another substance is printed onto products for functional or decorative purposes. According to experts at IT Strategies, industrial print currently has a market valuation of $100 billion. Videojet, a company  that manufactures high quality industrial printers, wants a slice of the market pie. Sales are booming for Videojet: the company has more than 345,000 printers installed worldwide. Customers rely on Videojet products to print on over ten billion products daily. Even with such strong growth, Videojet always wants to stay a few steps ahead of competitors, so the corporation implements the  most cutting edge technologies and strategies to ensure  the 4.000 employees working in sales and service work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Videojet team wanted to push the limits of the sales stack technologies they had to choose from, and set out to find a solution that could meet their specific criteria.

  1. Sales teams knew that Videojet would benefit from a mapping application. But, they didn’t want just a standalone mapping application. The number one criteria for Videojet was that the mapping solution would need to work seamlessly with their CRM system, Salesforce.
  2. They wanted a mapping application that could identify new sales prospects on the fly, to make planned sales trips more productive and fruitful.
  3. And, they wanted the tool to be incredibly easy to use, requiring very little training for the salesforce. With sales forces working at a feverish pace across 26 countries worldwide, Videojet didn’t want to spend much time training reps: they needed a tool that reps could integrate into their daily routines without skipping a beat.

MapAnything was the only geo-productivity software on the market that met all of Videojet’s pressing needs. Here’s how.

MapAnything is incredibly easy to use.

Though MapAnything software is incredibly powerful, it’s easy to implement and use.  MapAnything delivers location-based insights, all within the CRM workflow to  deliver ROI right out of the box.  On MapAnything’s intuitive, graphical representation of data in live maps, Tim Madel, global director of digital marketing for Videojet, says, “Rather than a list of accounts or anything else, It's something [our sales teams] can really grasp and understand.”

MapAnything integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

A company’s CRM system is a powerful tool that enables businesses of all sizes to collect, store, and access data, and MapAnything is the most powerful tool for unlocking that data.  Only MapAnything integrates its mapping technology directly with real-time data in Salesforce rather than sitting on top as a separate module. This means companies can improve planning and analysis by slicing and dicing any type of data and displaying it on the map. Users can filter by activity or record owner, balance territories and enhance territory management and route planning, update data in Salesforce directly from maps, and so much more. 

MapAnything uncovers nearby prospects.

MapAnything empowers sales reps to self-source leads by searching for keywords within a certain distance from current meeting locations, then easily adding those new prospects into routes and call lists. The reps can add the new records to their CRM system in seconds with MapAnything’s Click2Create. What’s more, MapAnything maximizes sales appointments for Videojet, enabling the sales reps to  fill schedule gaps with route planning and optimization and plan ahead with real-time traffic and weather conditions. Videojet sales teams can maximize sales appointments so they can reach more people each day, accelerating sales.

After a quick and easy implementation, MapAnything has become a mainstay for Videojet. “The best feedback we got was from our team in France. They have used it very effectively and they could not go without it at this point,” said Madel.  

MapAnything is the ultimate sales acceleration tool,  for the ultimate sales teams around the world. We invite you to learn more about  how Videojet and other trailblazing sales teams across the world  are igniting their sales engines with MapAnything’s geo-productivity software. See for yourself why our customers give us 5 star ratings.


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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything